Proven ways to grill healthy

We can safely say that grilling is one of the favourite forms of spending free time outdoors. We grill almost everywhere – on terraces, gardens, plots, glades, by the lake … However, to fully enjoy the joy of grilling and delicious taste of dishes prepared on the heat of the heat, you must remember the principles of healthy grilling. Healthy grilling is possible, but you need to remember the right way to prepare food.

Healthy grilling – is it possible?

You hear more and more often that grilling food is not healthy, especially if we do it on a traditional coal grill. There is a lot of truth to this. However, when we follow the basic rules, healthy grilling will be absolutely possible. By following the guidelines prepared by specialists for many years we will be able to enjoy healthy food prepared on the grill. We will avoid stomach discomfort and other illnesses that may result from grilling issues.

Proven ways to grill healthy

  • when grilling, use aluminium foil – it will protect food from not only too much browning but also various types of harmful substances that may be emitted during cooking meat on coal
  • take care of the proper nutritional value of the meal – choose the leanest meat possible – poultry, lean beef and fish are perfect for healthy grilling. Avoid ready-made products available in stores – meats in marinades or ground meat. The fat itself is unhealthy, and when it drips into hot coal, it can release toxic substances. For grilled meat, also prepare some lighter additions, e.g. a vegetable salad with a light vinaigrette sauce
  • remember to maintain hygiene when preparing a meal on the grill; it is both about washing hands and processing meat – separate dishes and cutlery should be used for raw and grilled meat
Chicken could be a great choice for grill!
Chicken could be a great choice for grill!
  • store meat intended for the grill in special refrigerators or in a shaded place so that it is not exposed to direct sunlight, as this may accelerate the process of meat spoiling;
  • remember to cook the meat to the end – eating half-raw meat may result in poisoning;
  • avoid grilled potatoes – many studies show that during grilling potatoes the toxic substances are released from them;
  • do not combine grill and alcohol – it would seem that beer and grill are the perfect combinations. However, nothing could be more wrong. The combination of alcohol with fatty, grilled meats can significantly burden the stomach and the entire digestive system, causing great discomfort. It’s better to drink fruit juice or mineral water. Especially if we grill in the middle of summer and the air temperature is very high.

These are simple rules, but they allow you to prepare healthy and tasty grilled dishes. Their use will certainly make you more willing to reach for various grilled dishes, and not just fatty meat and sausages.