Protein supplements – which protein to choose?

Supplementation of people actively practicing strength sports can be very extensive.Trainers use creatine, beta-alanine, l-carnitine, caffeine, arginine and protein-like nutrients, BCAAs or amino acids. However, if we ask some of them without what product they can not imagine, they reply that it is a protein.Protein is an element of the diet, which not only allows it to be supplemented.

A smart bodybuilder knows that with his help you can significantly improve training performance, mass or strength effects.What’s more, protein as an effective regeneration element reduces the time of rest between training sessions, which effectively increases the efficiency of the effort itself.Protein is also an ideal supplement during the reduction, because it allows us to cover the daily demand, without providing unnecessary calories.

How much protein do we need?

Regarding the amount of proteins consumed, one could write a separate article, but let’s focus on basic knowledge.The trainer needs 2 g of protein per 1 kg of body weight during the day.It is the amount that ensures the maintenance of homeostasis of the human body and allows to cover additional requirements of supplementation due to physical effort.For example, a trainer weighing 70 kg must eat 140 grams of protein daily to make everything go as it should.In turn, non-training people eat about 1 g of protein per 1 kg of body weight per day, which means that they need much less protein.The amount of 70 g in total is enough to simply live.

On the Internet you can meet additional divisions due to the physical exercise, where endurance athletes are recommended slightly lower protein values, which start with 1.6 g of protein per 1 kg of body weight during the day.However, usually the question of choosing the right amount is highly individualized.

Why do you need more protein when training in the gym?

Strength training is anaerobic training.This means that during the training there is a significant damage to muscle fibers, which must be repaired.The body suffers damage, is inflamed and uses the amino acids contained in the muscles to repair and regenerate.It also uses the ones we eat, which has the task to effectively speed up readiness for the next effort.This means that the selection of the right amount of protein will have an impact on whether you will be ready to resume strength efforts.Too long-lasting so-called”Sours can inform us that this protein is not enough.Our body normally lists about 300 grams of protein per day, of which some are obtained from our system, and some are required to be delivered with food.Lack of proper amount of protein in the diet will extend the time of regeneration and make the effort will be ineffective and the effects will be inhibited or impossible.

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Where to get protein?

Typically, athletes use lean poultry as the base element of the diet.However, we should successfully use the proteins contained in slightly more fatty meats, like pork or beef, which will additionally result in the provision of an appropriate amount of fat-soluble vitamins.You should also successfully eat eggs and dairy products that will be a rich element in essential amino acids as well as calcium.Fish are also an important element of the athlete’s diet, due to the high quality protein and omega 3 fatty acid content. However, athletes additionally use protein supplements, which abound in a number of EAA and BCAA amino acids.

What is a protein supplement?

Protein supplements are products that mainly supply proteins to our body in the form of a dissolved powder.This means that their use is simple and provides us with wholesome proteins without any problems.Just pour the powder into a shaker, add water or milk and it’s ready.We drink and do not worry that our body lacks amino acids during exercise.

Protein supplements are obtained mainly from whey proteins.These proteins are part of the so-calleddried whey, which is a by-product in the production of cheese.However, when we subject it to certain anabolic processes, it can be used as an effective supplement to the athlete’s diet.The dried whey itself is not suitable for use in the diet.Therefore, often people who want to save a bit on the purchase of protein, buy this type of product.However, due to the composition and low protein content, its use by the body can be very problematic.

WPC 80, or whey protein concentrate, obtained from raw whey is a great source of exogenous amino acids.These are the amino acids that delivery to the body is mandatory.This means that our body is not able to produce this type of compounds alone, and without their consumption it is not possible to obtain competitive sports results. What’s more, whey proteins abound in BCAA amino acids.The use of branched chain amino acids takes place directly in the muscle tissue, so their supplementation is an essential addition to the athlete’s diet. BCAA performs a number of metabolic functions.It builds muscles, protects them from catabolic action, is responsible for the optimal level of hormones.


Who can use protein supplements?

Protein supplements are dedicated mainly to athletes who make sure that the diet contains the right amount of full-value protein.Protein supplement is a product that is abundant in BCAA, so people who train very eagerly reach for such a product.BCAAs stimulate the growth of muscle mass through the increase of anabolism.What’s more, thanks to the large amount of branched chain amino acids, regeneration will be much more effective, and your muscles recover faster after training.

However, not only training people will benefit from the addition of protein supplements.It is also perfect for people who are simply looking after a healthy diet.Quite often, protein supplements are used by people who follow the rules of a vegetarian diet.Protein supplement is able to quickly supplement the protein in the diet without excessive sitting in the kitchen.A tasty fruit sheikh is a great way to quickly and effectively deliver the right amount of protein.

What types of protein supplements do we meet?

Typically, protein supplements are divided into those that contain vegetable proteins and those with animal proteins.Usually, it is the animal proteins that dominate the supplementation market and are used by athletes.

Animal proteins include whey proteins, proteins based on egg albumin and beef proteins.Whey proteins are such nutrients as Concentrate, Isolate, Hydrolyzate (WPC, WPI, WPH)

WPC is the basic protein that athletes usually use.This is most often found on store shelves and in the home magazine.This protein is rich in essential amino acids, and the protein content in this type of nutrient reaches about 80%.

WPI, in turn, is a whey protein isolate, which is a slightly rounded version of the basic protein.The isolate is characterized by more protein per 100 g of product, hence it is often used by people on reduction.

WPH is the third protein fraction that is based on whey protein hydrolyzate and is a protein that has been pre-hydrolyzed, and thus, as if digestion.The hydrolyzate is mainly used around the trainings due to the fact that it is not a burden for the digestive system.

Vegetable protein is usually an alternative to vegans or people suffering from any intolerance associated with proteins of animal origin.Athletes rarely use this type of dietary support due to their lower bioavailability and quality.We distinguish here proteins of soy, rice, protein originating from peas or wheat.

Which protein to choose for mass, and which for the sculpture?

When browsing the range available in the store, protein nutrients can be divided into those that are more suitable during the period of building the mass, as well as during the reduction period.During the mass, athletes are more likely to use the WPC protein.The basic formula of whey proteins is an optimal option that provides the right amount of BCAA amino acids as well as essential amino acids.WPC perfectly supports the anabolic environment of our body, hence it is an ideal solution for people building muscles.

In turn, people who reduce, make so-calledsculpture, choose more advanced forms of nutrients.For this reason, the choice is often on the whey protein isolate or hydrolyzate.These proteins have a significantly reduced fat and lactose content, hence they only provide pure protein, which is a very important element in the reduction diet.Athletes use this type of supplement during the training period, which allows to maintain the nutritional function of the muscle, and this in turn strongly limits catabolic actions.

The amount of nutrient consumed in the portion should be about 40 g. It turns out that in this amount there is an adequate level of leucine, which will be responsible for anabolic functions.Leucine perfectly stimulates protein synthesis processes, hence the choice is simple.If you want to build muscle and protect it from breakdown, 40 g of nutrient per serving will effectively demonstrate this type of activity.


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