Protein supplement before training – to take or not to take?

Protein supplement is a basic dietary supplement used after training. And what about the protein before training? Does protein supplement before training make sense? Which proteins should be chosen and how many minutes exactly before exercise should they be consumed? Find out if it makes sense to take a protein supplement before training.


What to eat before training?

Before starting any physical exercise, you must provide the body with the right dose of nutrients. From 1.5 to 2 hours before training, you should eat a meal rich in complex carbohydrates and easily digestible proteins. Proportions of nutrients that I usually use in a pre-workout meal for balance are 30% proteins, 50% carbohydrates and 20% fat. A higher dose of fat can cause drowsiness during exercise. It’s best to use lean meat, fish or protein-based protein isolate or whey protein concentrate. Rather, we should avoid proteins that are long digestible, because they can cause discomfort during exercise. When it comes to carbohydrates, we recommend choosing among groats, brown rice and other sources with moderate glycemic index. The choice of foods with a high glycemic index like white rice or pasta with heavily purified flour can lead to high growth and a rapid drop in blood sugar levels. We recommend white rice after training. The result will be temporary arousal followed by drowsiness caused by hypoglycaemia.


How to take protein before training?

How much time should pass between a portion of protein and training? If we take the protein from the meal into account, it is 90 to 120 minutes before the planned training. Too short a time between taking a meal and training can cause discomfort during exercise. It can manifest itself in bouncing, feeling full of stomach. Pre-workout protein should also be used in moderation and do not overdo it with its dose. We should remember that proteins will play a more important role right after the training than before its start. If we want to further strengthen the anti-catabolic muscle protection, we can additionally consume a protein sheaf 30 minutes before training, but it must be a very fast absorbing protein, i.e. a whey protein isolate – e.g. Muscle Brick Isolate.


Which protein should you choose before training?

As we mentioned in the introduction, we recommend reaching for easily digestible forms of protein. If we reach for ready-made cocktails, let’s choose those with high quality and good digestibility. A good choice is whey protein concentrate and isolate, such as Muscle Brick Whey, Whey 100, Iso Great Zero Sugar or Isolate 100. Also note the content of sugars. High lactose content may cause bloating in people with intolerance. If you are a vegetarian, we advise you to take soy protein (eg Biovit 80, Sojavit 85) or quinoa protein. You can also add 5 grams of glutamine to your protein, which will help increase the anabolic potential of the protein and help you get a positive nitrogen balance.


Why should we take protein before training?

It allows the muscles to supply anabolic building material and provide protection against catabolism. It also provides amino acids needed for metabolic changes occurring during physical exertion. It allows to maintain the anabolic state for a long time. This is very important in particular for people who find it difficult to build every gram of muscle (ectomorphic). Circulating protein amino acids will not let the muscles “starve”. Equipped with a full range of muscle building components, they will be able to grow more efficiently.


Protein cocktails after training.

There is no doubt that after the training, the body’s need for proteins increases. The so-called anabolic window, which according to different sources last from 2 o to 3 hours after training. This is the time when muscles are the most susceptible to protein. Of course, the growth rate in different people will be different. The best combination will be the use of a cocktail that combines proteins with carbohydrates in a 5050 ratio after training.