Protein or Gainer – what’s better for mass?

What is whey protein and what is Gainer and what is the better choice when building muscle mass?

Who is it recommended to use this type of nutrients and when should they be used? Below you will find answers to the basic questions related to supplementation with these supplements.

The question of which conditioner will be a better choice for building muscle mass is more and more often asked by adepts of strength training. For those more experienced, the answer is very simple (they can even claim that this question does not make sense). Beginners and people practicing “recreationally” often do not know the basic difference between these two types of nutrients.


What is whey protein? Who should take protein in the form of powder?

Whey protein, as the most frequently consumed supplement in the world, is a wholesome source of protein (contains all the essential amino acids). The protein content in the product is within 75 to over 95% (depending on the type and manufacturer). Whey proteins (especially isolates and hydrolysates) are recommended for all training people, regardless of whether they build mass or do fat reduction. Protein powders in the form of powder are designed to supplement protein deficiencies in the diet.

However, it should be remembered that excessive protein consumption will not accelerate the planned effect. For people exercising with strength, it is recommended to use about 2.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day – including protein consumed from food and protein from nutrients.


What is gainer? Who should take gainers?

Gainer is a carbohydrate-protein nutrient with a ratio of about 41 (carbohydrate protein). Depending on the manufacturer, the difference between the components may be larger or smaller. Gainer was created for people who have problems with gaining muscle mass. If your body is one of the typical ectomorphics, which can hardly gain weight, and your stomach can not contain more meals, whey protein itself may not be enough. In this case the gainer can be the perfect solution!

A high amount of carbohydrates will provide your body with the necessary energy for proper functioning, and the addition of protein will provide the right amount of “blocks” of amino acids necessary to build muscle.

The use of carbohydrate-protein nutrients by people who have an overweight problem may contribute to the accumulation of even larger amounts of unnecessary fat. Of course, this is not a rule for everyone. If you belong to people who “count calories”, eating a gainer to achieve the required number of macronutrients will be a very good solution.


Is it possible to use both nutrients simultaneously?

The use of one does not preclude the use of the other. If you have a very high calorific supply required for your own body, and the intake of all calories from meals is no mean feat, of course, that the use of both supplements is advisable.

If you do not know how to calculate the needed amount of calories with macronutrients for your weight, read this article – Laying a bodybuilding diet.


What if I count calories? What is better to use?

If you count calories then you certainly know that providing the right amount of carbohydrates to the body is much easier than providing the protein. In this case, whey-protein supplement is the ideal solution to the problem of protein deficiency in the diet. If, however, when counting calories, you have a problem with achieving the required amount of carbohydrates, the gainer will be in us once. Just remember not to exceed the required caloric pot during the day.



If you count calories, and achieving the required caloric pot during the day is a problem for you, using both whey protein and gainer will certainly make things easier.

If, on the other hand, you do not count calories (ie you eat “by eye”), the situation looks a bit different. In this case, it is recommended to use gainers for people who have problems with gaining muscle mass. If you are faced with a dilemma, which of these nutrients to buy, the gainer may be a better option for you. It is also not said that the gainer alone is enough. It all depends on how much macronutrients you consume with meals!

People who do not have problems with mass acquisition, it is recommended to use whey protein itself, not to overdo it with the amount of calories consumed.