Protein – Everything about protein (part 2/2)


Is protein supplement a product only for athletes?

Protein supplement is a supplement that we associate mainly with athletes.If someone says that he drinks protein, we have a vision of the trainer right away.There is something about it.Probably because usually such nutrients can be bought in stores with supplements for athletes and fitness clubs.

Despite this, active people are not the only consumer of protein supplements.Let’s start with what it’s used for … As the name suggests, protein supplements contain … protein.They are used to supplement the protein in the diet, most often in situations when we have such a high demand that we are not able to eat everything in the form of meat, eggs and other food products.When and who else applies protein supplement?

We already know that they can be people who have an increased need for protein, e.g. athletes.They can also be sick people (popular nutridrinki intended for patients are primarily composed of easily digestible protein).After the conditioner also reach people who do not like too much meat or other products.They may also be allergy sufferers (but here the attention to the type of nutrient, eg a person sensitized to dairy products should choose a nutrient from plant-derived ingredients such as soya, wheat, etc.), people living on the run that do not have time for a full meal (then a quick cocktail will always fill in the gaps).It must be remembered, however, that this is not a solution in the long run, but only a remedy for exceptional situations) and for those who are greedy.The last group will be tempted to reach for nutrients due to their varied taste.We now have a choice on the market that when reading the list of flavors, you can get lost in your head.

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Is a protein supplement a natural protein or an artificial product?

We often hear – do not take conditioner, it’s chemistry itself, it’s artifice itself.are this is in reality?It all depends on the producers.However, nowadays, when there are many restrictions related to the quality of products, protein supplements have quite a good composition.Most of them contain only natural ingredients of animal or vegetable origin.

Nevertheless, you should not treat it as a substitute for meals and I mean using it for most of your meals, not a few selected during the day.The main point is that products such as meat, fish, eggs, legumes and other, besides protein, have a number of other ingredients, vitamins and minerals, which we also need for proper functioning.In summary, the idea is that the diet should be varied.Therefore, it is not recommended that in every meal within the protein, eat a protein supplement, just as it is not recommended that at every meal to eat, for example, a chicken breast.Variety is the foundation.

Is the protein supplement safe for the kidneys and liver?

Do you remember Dukan’s diet?At one time it was very popular and in short it was based on eating mainly protein.After some time speculation appeared, whether it is for sure a healthy diet.The society was divided into supporters of this diet and opponents claiming to harm the kidneys and liver.As a consequence, a myth has arisen that the protein harms these organs.And if protein is a protein supplement.That’s how the rumors are made … What’s going on?I will not write anything revealing, as the fact that exaggeration in each direction may prove detrimental.If our diet is balanced, varied and reasonably conducted, our health will not suffer.If the amount of protein in the diet will oscillate around the recommended values, then our kidneys or liver may feel safe.In the end, our organisms are adapted to eat meat, eggs, fish, etc.

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Can the protein cause allergies?

Everything can cause sensitization and this is a very individual matter.It is best to observe your body, and if necessary, also perform the appropriate tests.If after eating a given product we feel bad, rash, digestive problems or other allergic symptoms appear, then one should give up eating what is allergic.It is important to think about your diet well and think about what we can do to fill the diet.The best solution here will be the support of a qualified dietitian.

What is worth paying attention to when buying protein?

In the past, there were several nutrients to choose from and the man usually had no problem.Today, it is a challenge, especially for a beginner, because there are a lot of protein supplements and even more flavors.

What to suggest?The first determinant that most of us encounter is the price. There is no need to cheat, we are more tempted by what is cheaper.But, but … The low price is also the risk of lower quality protein.Of course, not always.It is also not about buying only expensive proteins.However, it is worth reading the label before we make purchases.

What types of nutrients do we have?

  1. WPC – whey protein concentrate – contains 70-80% of protein derived from milk.The addition of a small amount of fat and carbohydrates is very good in taste.
  2. WPI – whey protein isolate – contains about 90% of protein and absorbs very quickly.It is quite a good protein in terms of quality.
  3. WPH – whey protein hydrolyzate – has even more protein than the isolate, as much as 90-95% and is the fastest-absorbable of whey proteins, but also the most expensive.
  4. Micellar casein – the time of protein absorption is about 6-7 hours, therefore it is recommended to use it usually at night.
  5. Beef protein – a product with about 90% high protein content with a short absorption time.Manufacturers consider them to be very good quality.
  6. Egg protein – contains about 60-70% of protein and the casein is absorbed very long.
  7. Vegetable proteins such as soy, rice, wheat – vegetable proteins have only recently become popular.This is probably due to various dietary trends.This is quite a good kind of nutrient for vegetarians, because it contains about 80% of protein.

And what nutrient should you choose here?If you are a beginner, put on a concentrate or isolate.For a reasonable price, you will buy a good quality product and in addition you will be able to choose your favorite taste.Also during the reduction period it is recommended to use supplements that have the least amount of carbohydrate and fat additives, but also a short absorption time.During this period, our diet is poorer, so it is easier to shortage in the diet.So there is nothing to take what nutrient just to tick off “protein in the diet – it is !.This is the period in which we need support, to have strength, good mood and our body would not lack anything.


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