Products that act on us like drug

You know this saying, you are what you eat. But have you really wondered about the relationship between food and health? Many of my friends do not seem to understand this deep bond. They seem to know it’s true, but they don’t pay much attention to what they eat on a daily basis.


Unfortunately, many of the products available in supermarkets today contain substances that are harmful to health, the so-called exorphins. Consequently, these products are often as addictive as drugs. It is worth learning a little more about them.

Why? Because producers of highly processed foods know all about them and use this knowledge against consumers. They manipulate the ingredients of food products in such a way as to stimulate the appetite. This leads to frequent overeating and worsening of your overall health.

If you become aware of exorphins, you will begin to control how much you eat. Without knowledge, it is impossible to effectively counteract any addiction.


Gliadin is a protein in wheat that has an activity similar to opiates (opium psychoactive substances). If you have trouble refusing another sandwich, it’s probably because of that substance. All wheat products work in the same way. No wonder that we like cookies, bread, pasta and pizza so much. Many people cannot imagine their lives without them. In ancient Rome, there was a popular belief that providing people with entertainment and feeding with bread effectively counteracted social unrest.

Rice proteins also have similar effects as gliadin. It works with lesser potential but they are also addictive.


They belong to the most frequently and most thoroughly studied foodstuffs (especially milk and cheese). Casein (a protein contained in dairy products) is broken down by the body into simpler substances – peptides. These include, inter alia, active factors called casomorphins. They are widely used in medicine to treat patients who have overdosed on drugs.

Caseomorphins are also found in cheeses. No wonder that the consumption of them increases year by year. We currently eat five times as much cheese as we did a few years ago. In many homes, cheese is present with more than one meal a day. Food manufacturers know that dairy products make you crave even more dairy. It’s really a golden deal!

Food rich in fat

How do you usually respond to a high-fat meal? Most likely (this is the case in most cases) it evokes a feeling of contentment and pleasure. This is because high-fat foods stimulate the brain to release opioids – the chemicals responsible for enjoying pleasure.

So with fatty meals, you want to eat them, even when you are already full. They are an irresistible temptation. So it’s no wonder that Fast Foods are so popular.


Now you know where the reason for this behaviour lies. In most cases, this is due to the addictive substances contained in certain products. So let’s use this fact to develop yourself. Give a try exclusion of those products in your diet plan and you will certainly notice some positive changes in your life.