Pre-workout – price, opinions and safety

The use of supplements of this type is intended to support our body in training activities.In the course of the training cycle, weaker days happen, where we do not have too much desire for physical activity.While the issue does not concern a poor diet or lack of sleep, and we are simply tired of everyday duties, we need solid support that will allow us to do the training as planned.

For this purpose, pre-workout formulas have been created, which are designed to provide us with motivation, stimulate action and make that we will focus on the training and we will do all the effort with full care.

What is a pre-workout?

Pre-workout dietary supplements are products whose task is to provide a mixture of active ingredients to stimulate the nervous system, support muscle energy, nourish and motivate to take up activity.Usually pre-training preparation is a product that allows you to break the moment of laziness and set off for training.This is of great importance, because it is usually the most difficult to simply move and go to training.

What’s more, the pre-workout helps to break the stasis or psychological barriers to weights, so it is also used during periods of increased activity, eg when trying tobeat your own strength records.Sportsmen also use the pre-training class during the start-up period, which is to help them achieve a better result in the competition.

Products of this type are usually quite extensive in terms of the amount of active ingredients so as to ensure comprehensive operation.Pre-training is mainly dedicated to intermediate and advanced people.Beginners usually do not need additional support in the form of a training motivator, as well as the addition of substances contained in this type of measures. They are more dedicated to single components such as arginine or caffeine with taurine.

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What is part of the pre-workout?

When looking at pre-training preparations, the formula is usually formed by a group of three different component matrices that are designed to pump, increase the exercise capacity and show nootropic functions.

We can find pre-workout products in pre-workout products

The pumping mixture – in the composition of this type of compound we find mainly nitric oxide precursors.These are primarily arginine and citrulline. Their task is to influence the synthesis of nitric oxide in our body, which effectively supports the effect of the accumulation of more blood in the working muscle.The inflowing blood is an opportunity for the muscle to receive more building components as well as substances that support its regeneration.Other substances that we can find in this group are beet root extract rich in nitrates, compounds that effectively (like arginine) stimulate the secretion of nitric oxide in our body.From other substances, which does not affect the level of nitric oxide, but the amount of water collected, which gives a significant feeling of the muscle pump, is glycerin.It effectively complements its actions with the precursors of nitric oxide, further strengthening the muscle pump feeling;

Stimulating mixture – usually contains such components as caffeine, guarana, yerba mate.These are typical stack components that are designed to stimulate the nervous system.The mixture aims to endure tiredness, increase concentration and stimulate the body. Some people experience a marked improvement in mood when using stimulant preparations, which further supports physical effort.Caffeine also has properties that support muscle building, which is related towith lowering the threshold of muscle pain.In addition, in this type of mix we can often find ingredients that show a nootropic effect.Components of this type include tyrosine, choline or phenylalanine.These components are designed to maintain a constant focus, focusing our attention on training and control of the working muscle, thanks to which our muscular sensation stays at a higher level;

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Energy mix – contains ingredients that are designed to provide substances that support the energy function of the muscle. Components of this type include creatine, beta-alanine, BCAA as well as a small share of electrolytes and carbohydrates.These components are designed to maintain a high energy level in muscle tissue, thanks to which it works more efficiently.Creatine additionally allows for the accumulation of more water and glycogen, significantly accelerating post-workout regeneration.Beta-alanine has an action supporting the transport of hydrogen ions and stimulates the synthesis of carnosine.This type of action extends the working time of the muscles, supporting their efficiency.We must remember additionally about the comprehensive action of BCAA, which provides 3 key amino acids, with the aim of supporting the muscle energy of the muscle as well as stimulating protein synthesis.

How it’s working?

The use of pre-workout preparations will mainly depend on the composition they have.We have products on the market that focus on stimulating the nervous system as well as those that have a more pumped effect.

Classic no-boosters are designed to increase blood flow through the working muscle.During exercise, our muscles retain blood in the muscle fibers and thus enable more efficient use of the macronutrients contained therein.What’s more, nitrogen expands the blood vessels, allowing a greater supply of blood to the muscles subjected to a strength effort.The muscle being trained begins to increase in volume, which allows for even greater accumulation of energy components.This has not only a significant motivating effect on physical effort, but additionally nitrogen boosters will effectively support post-workout regeneration. The more blood we accumulate in the muscle, the faster it will be restored and regenerated.Interestingly, arginine also supports the pro-health functions of our body by normalizing the work of the circulatory system, while helping to lower blood pressure.

Thanks to the support of such ingredients as beta-alanine, creatine and taurine, pre-workout effectively sustains the energy functions of our muscles and thus limiting their full exhaustion during training.This means that we will have some supplies to do even more intensive or longer training.Creatine effectively speeds up the process of ATP resynthesis.This is manifested, among othersa significant reduction in rest time between sets, and the muscle works longer without signs of fatigue.

What are the main benefits of pre-workout?

  • accelerated regeneration rate,
  • intensification of nitric oxide synthesis,
  • strong and durable muscle pump,
  • increase in muscle performance,
  • intensification of the synthesis of new proteins,
  • the possibility of effective training despite the lack of willingness or slight weakness,
  • effective mobilization of muscle strength.

Are pre-coaches safe?

The use of pre-workout type preparations should take place according to their purpose, which description can be found on the product label.If we do not know our individual feelings about this type of preparation, we should start supplementing with half of the suggested dose.We will check our sensitivity to caffeine.In addition, pre-trainees have ingredients that are widely allowed on the market for supplementation.They are safe when using doses suggested by the manufacturer.Increasing the portion can only cause nausea and the opposite effect to the intended one, i.e. lack of willingness to exercise, as well as a feeling of weakness.Used in accordance with the recommendations, they will fill us with energy providing motivation for the entire duration of the training.

Pre-workout – price

Choosing the right pre-workout for our training preferences should take into account the nature of the effort we make, the time of training itself or the caloric values ​​of our diet.Typically, the price of the supplement is influenced by such parameters as composition, brand, production technology, grammage, quality of raw materials, availability of individual components of the stack.Market prices start at around PLN 70 for a pre-workout classic class of up to PLN 150 for a more sophisticated product.These are products that are widely available in stores, and their purchase is not a major problem.You can also take advantage of one-pack sachets, the cost is 5-10 PLN per serving.

Pre-workout – reviews

We often meet with very divergent opinions about the same product.And conspiracy theories like to blame the producers for the fact that the product is not working.Nothing more wrong.Everything is guilty of our personal preferences, as well as individual reactions to individual components of pre-workout.Not all of us metabolize caffeine in the same way.Some feel fast and strong stimulation, which is short-lived.Others, in turn, metabolize caffeine slowly with a slight stimulation that lasts longer.This makes us have different opinions on how the product works.Therefore, it is not always conclusive to suggest completely the opinions of others.


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