Pleurotus Mushroom – a helping hand for body immunity.

Pleurotus is an edible mushroom which, in its chemical makeup, has a specific type sugar chains, which have been shown to have stimulating activity for the efficiency of the immune system. Research carried out with pleurotus extract showed that athletes who took food supplements containing that extract were less likely to catch a cold.


The research was carried out on elite class athletes who were runners. They were administered the pleurotus extract as a food supplement. The extract contained 200mg of pleuran in two tablets, which the athletes took before breakfast. The experiment lasted three months, during which a control group of athletes were receiving placebo pills. Every person who was part of the experiment, was asked to fill out a questionnaire about the frequency in which they would experience a sore throat, runny nose, cough, sore muscles or tiredness before the experiment.


After the three months of taking the supplement, the athletes were asked whether they were experiencing any symptoms of a viral infection at that time. The answers suggested that, after taking the supplement, the tendency to experience flu symptoms was lower. Moreover, their blood tests noted a higher level of NK cells (natural killer cells) which are known to be a crucial type of blood cells for the immune system. The NK cells are those which activate first when the organism is attacked by a virus or a pathogen.


Taking advantage of a food supplement containing extract from the pleurotus mushroom plays a part in bettering athletes’ mood through improving their immunity. Researchers confirm that this extract contains glucans – chemical compounds in the human organism which alert its immunity systems, causing it to be at a higher level of alertness. Moreover, using a food supplement containing an extract from pleurotus, which is the source of pleuran, contains the ability to relief symptoms present after a heavy physical exertion, limiting the levels of physical exhaustion.