Piperine for slimming – hit or putty?

The piperine has been widely used since the earliest days, it is the main ingredient in pepper – it is thanks to its spicy taste, it also has anti-bacterial, anti-cancer and curative properties, and the most important thing for gym users is that piperine is also recommended for slimming


What exactly is piperine?

Piperine, black pepper extract, is an alkaid that occurs in pepper and gives it its sharp and intense taste.

It is also found in turmeric, which, together with curcumin (the main component of turmeric), prevents and supports breast cancer treatment.

Thanks to its strong pigment it also helps people with albinism and slows down neurodegeneration, and thus counteracts Alzheimer’s disease.

Piperine is known as an aid to lose excess kilograms – it participates in fat burning.

You can not forget about the wide use of antibacterial and purifying piperine.


Piperine for slimming – hit or putty?

Nutritionists agree that during weight loss should be shed no more than 4-6 kg per month.If you will lose more, then overweight can quickly return, and all the effort and effort put in shedding unnecessary kilograms will be in vain. various dietary supplements that purportedly cause rapid weight loss, but this is not possible.The originality of the piperine is that it does not guarantee a very rapid decline in body weight, however, supports the body in the diet and gradually burns fat. What exactly does piperine work?


The piperine contained in black pepper improves the condition and efficiency of the body, but it is difficult to extract it at home.

The piperine is often the main ingredient in fat burners and fat reducers.They usually offer 60-90% concentration of piperine.It is best to use those with the highest content of this ingredient – some supplements even contain it 95%.

However, it should be remembered that the higher the concentration we want to buy, the more we will have to pay. Fortunately, the price of this preparation is not alarming, so if you plan to dump a few extra kilos, it is worth to supplement it with a daily, balanced diet.


How does piperine work?

The piperine participates in the process of thermogenesis, during which the body burns calories, as well as in the process of lipolysis, i.e. burning fat.

The piperine also interferes with the activity of the genes responsible for the formation of adipose tissue.

Thanks to such a comprehensive action, you can be sure that each portion of piperine will effectively support your diet and training efforts, and you’ll enjoy the dream figure faster.




Piperine use and side effects

Piperine is available in dietary supplements in the form of capsules. It should be used as recommended on the leaflet, depending on the manufacturer.

Usually it is 5-10 mg, 1-2 times a day for 3 months.

After this time, a 2-month break is recommended, after which you can return to its use again.

It is best to take it before breakfast and before physical exertion.

People who have problems with the heart and circulatory system should consult a doctor before starting treatment with black pepper extract.


It’s worth mentioning one more very important detail: the content of piperine in black pepper is only 6%, so if you want to lose weight, you should not eat more pepper. This may result in irritation of the digestive system. a diet supplement with a high content of piperine.Of course, the piperine itself will not help you lose extra pounds.You should also remember about physical activity and healthy nutrition.The researchers say, however, that it is very helpful in slimming and can realistically help to overcome the problem of obesity in the 21st century.


Side effects of piperine

As with the use of any drug or dietary supplement, side effects can also occur.

Black pepper extract is a natural ingredient, so it is usually safe to use.

People taking medications, ie digoxin or phenytoin, should not use piperine or must do so very carefully, because when taking these drugs, the rate at which the liver removes them is slowing down.

In addition, piperine should not be used by pregnant or lactating women.


Is it worth using pepper for slimming?

Many people who use piperine think that the effects of its operation are visible, but you have to be patient, because you have to wait a bit for the end result.” But the effect is more durable, and the added benefit is that the black pepper extract is natural and proper taking is not harmful to the body.Piperine is becoming more and more popular, it is used by more and more gymnasts.It helps in achieving the goal of losing extra kilos.Pipinine for slimming? We strongly recommend it