Pink chocolate (ruby chocolate) – is ruby chocolate healthy?

Pink chocolate (ruby chocolate), otherwise ruby chocolate, contrary to appearances, is completely natural! It consists of ruby cacao beans, thanks to which, in addition to its unique taste, it is also healthy. Find out what properties pink chocolate has, where you can buy it and what its price is.

Pink chocolate? I’m loving it!

Pink chocolate (ruby chocolate), or ruby chocolate, was produced for the first time by the Swiss company Barry Callebaut, which is famous for high-quality cocoa beans.

Pink chocolate had its world premiere in 2017 in Shanghai and went on sale on a large scale at the beginning of 2018. Although it seems quite unlikely, it does not contain any dyes. It is made only from natural raw materials.

The invention of pink chocolate is a breakthrough in the confectionery industry! Recently, a new type of (white) chocolate was invented 80 years ago.

Pink ruby chocolate – where does the colour of ruby chocolate come from?

No artificial colours were used to make this chocolate! Its pink colour is 100 per cent natural. It comes from unfermented or fermented no more than 3 days of ruby cacao beans, which when roasted in the right way begin to take on a ruby-purple colour.

These beans are specially imported from Brazil, Ecuador and Ivory Coast.

The exact recipe of this unique chocolate remains unknown. It is only known that it consists of cocoa mass and cocoa butter. Not surprisingly, Barry Callebaut diligently guards the pink chocolate recipe – after all, specialists have worked on it for 13 years!

Pink chocolate (ruby chocolate) – is ruby chocolate healthy?

Thanks to the fact that ruby chocolate is made of natural ingredients, without the addition of artificial colours, it is not harmful to health. What’s more, the natural dyes found in it have health-promoting properties – they help fight free radicals, which include accelerating the ageing process.

In addition, pink chocolate, thanks to its very high cocoa content, is rich in magnesium and polyphenols. However, it should be remembered that it is quite caloric. Daily it is recommended to consume max. 25-50 g, i.e. about 3 cubes.

Pink ruby chocolate – what does ruby chocolate taste like?

Pink chocolate is very different in taste from ordinary chocolate. Connoisseurs look for a sweet taste with a delicate sour aftertaste. There is also a slightly fruity aroma, reminiscent of forest fruits, in particular berries. Angus Kennedy, an expert in chocolate, says it tastes refreshing and has a delicate creamy texture.

Pink chocolate can be eaten not only in the form of sweet cubes. It can be grated on a grater and sprinkled with desserts or dissolved and used as an original coating for cakes.

Where does pink chocolate come from?

Pink chocolate can be bought in patisseries. Recently also appeared in stores, both stationary and online.

Pink chocolate can be bought either by kilograms or in tablets. The price of 1 kg of pink chocolate is approx. 15$ (although most often it is sold in 10 kg packs for 150$), while the price of a 100 g weighing plate starts at 5$