PES Alphamine – intensifies the lipolysis process

Among preparations that are intended for people who train, there are also more and more products that help to burn body fat.It is these supplements that are very popular. Virtually all companies dealing with supplements have such nutrients in their offer. Usually, these are very good quality products that make the fight with excessive kilograms easier. The so-called fat burners are aimed at people who perform strength training and look for support in the form of a comprehensive preparation, which can help lose weight. Most often these are supplements that have a positive effect on our metabolism.


  1. Characteristics of PES Alphamine
  2. Components of PES Alphamine
  3. Dosage PES Alphamine


  1. Characteristics of PES Alphamine

This conditioner, which the manufacturer describes as unrivaled when it comes to the market of fat burners. It has properties that make fat burning better. The PES Alphamine product is a modern formula, quickly absorbed by the body. The product is very soluble in water. PES Alphamine will give us energy, we will feel stimulation, which will greatly facilitate our training.

  1. Components of PES Alphamine

The composition of the product can be found, among othersL-theanine, extract from Ferula asafoetida, anhydrous caffeine, as well as choline. L-theanine is a compound that naturally occurs in green tea leaves.It shows antioxidant properties, as well as slightly stimulating.In turn, Ferula asafoetida is a plant used in Ayurvedic medicine. The positive effects of the compounds contained in this plant can include improving the intestinal function, lowering cholesterol levels and improving concentration.In turn, the positive effects of caffeine on the body include the influence ofon the intensification of the lipolysis process, stimulation of the nervous system, thanks to which we are able to train intensively.

  1. Dosage PES Alphamine

The manufacturer recommends taking 2 servings of the product each day. The first serving should be taken before the first meal (in the morning on an empty stomach).The second portion is recommended to be used about 30 minutes before the start of training, and on days without physical activity before a meal, such as a lunch. Due to the stimulant effect of the preparation, it is not recommended to use it a few hours before bedtime.It should also be remembered that the proposed supplement is not suitable for use by pregnant women and nursing mothers.