Parsley and celery cleaning – you will be surprised by their properties

Acne therapy (treatment of acne and eczema lesions on the skin) does not know a more effective natural remedy than parsley. Both it and celery do not impress with their taste but have nearly an endless list of healing properties. You do not expect how much wealth is hidden in these inconspicuous, cheap and widely available vegetables.

Detoxifying parsley

Due to its rich composition, parsley purifies the blood from toxins. Thanks to this, the body starts to work more efficiently and effectively. It has also been shown that parsley has an intensive anti-inflammatory effect, which is manifested by the soothing and reduced frequency of eczema and acne changes on the face and other parts of the body.

Therefore, parsley is especially recommended for people in adolescence, as well as adults who are struggling with untreatable or recurrent acne. Also, parsley intensively detoxifies the liver (an organ in which toxins accumulate from the whole body), which helps to cleanse the skin.

What does Parsley contain - infographic
What does Parsley contain – infographic

That is not all!

Parsley has a very broad spectrum of health benefits. Check what else this inconspicuous plant can do:

  • It increases the excretion of urine, including harmful substances, drug metabolites and toxins.
  • It has a strenuous and antipyretic effect
  • It increases bile secretion
  • It improves the blood supply to tissues
  • It strengthens the sexual experience, improves the sex drive
  • Soothes rheumatism
  • Supports the immune system
  • Removes tinnitus and dizziness

As you can see, parsley not only detoxifies and cleanses the blood strongly but also has a lot of other useful properties.

Nourishes and heals – celery

Most people are repelled by the taste of celery, but its health properties encourage them to eat it as often as possible.

1. It supports weight loss – celery has few calories and additionally accelerates metabolism.

2. Cleanses the body of toxins, even those accumulated over many years.

3. It soothes the nerves, calms, fights insomnia and reduces depressive moods, as it has a regenerating effect on nerve cells and the brain.

4. It has an anti-inflammatory effect – especially recommended for athletes.

5. Cleanses the kidneys and the entire urinary system

6. Recommended to eat during cold – celery regenerates immune cells and increases their multiplication.

7. Lowers pressure.

8. Improves the heart rate.

Celery is characterised by a wealth of nutrients – it has as many as 86 ingredients which have a positive impact on human health. These are, among others:

  • Vitamins – including A, E and C, folic acid, vitamin PP
  • phosphorus, calcium, potassium, zinc, magnesium, iron
  • flavonoids
  • furanocoumarins – used to treat psoriasis and albinism
What does Celery contain - infographic
What does Celery contain – infographic


Furanocoumarins are highly allergenic substances! Check if you are not allergic!