Papain – an miraculous substance contained in Papaya

The papaya, or Carica papaya, is a plant valued by the tropics because of its taste and properties. Ripe fruits are very sweet, and their food perfectly enriches the diet and positively affect the health of the whole body. The most important component of papaya is papaina and it is she who is responsible for all its properties. This substance is almost identical to the enzymes produced by the human pancreas during digestion of proteins. It is used, for example, for edema and pains due to its hydrolysing effect. What is papain really about and what exactly does it bring us? About this later in the article.

Papain – properties

Papain is currently used, inter alia, in medicine, especially sports. It belongs to proteins with enzymatic properties that are based on proteolytic activity. More specifically, proteolytic enzymes participate in many vital processes, including catalyzing the process of breaking down peptide bonds between amino acids included in peptide chains. Papain itself is a protease that has strong resistance to high temperatures (up to 70 degrees Celsius). Its action is best seen in the small intestine, because it has a softening effect on meat fibers, hence for hundreds of years it was consumed by indigenous people of South America to improve digestion. Isolated papain is obtained as a result of latex harvest from papaya plants. Then it is dried and cleaned so that it can be turned into a powder or liquid ready for the next stages of use.

This is how papain looks like actually!
This is how papain looks like actually!

Papain – benefits

One of the effects of papain in the form of a dietary supplement is the acceleration of wound healing, which is why it is used in the treatment of pressure ulcers, ulcers, chafes and other skin problems. This substance is effective on the one hand, on the other it does not irritate the skin and is 100% safe for it. In addition, according to studies on the properties of papain, it is an excellent solution to throat problems, which is accompanied by severe pain, especially in the situation of inflammation. Regular intake of papain improves the functioning of the immune system and stimulates the body to fight the microbes. In addition, it will allow us to increase the number of leukocytes, or immune cells, hence it is possible not only to prevent all kinds of diseases in this way, but also to speed up their treatment. In these matters, this inconspicuous substance works even better than most pharmacy specifics.

Recommended digestion support supplement containing papain and other beneficial substances - DIgestive Support from Apollo Hegemony
Recommended digestion support supplement containing papain and other beneficial substances – DIgestive Support from Apollo Hegemony

Papain will also work for athletes. It has a soothing effect on sours caused by intense, exhausting training. This will avoid breaks in the exercises, which are often reflected in our condition. It is also worth knowing that papaya extract lowers blood sugar levels, which is why it will be useful for people who have a problem with weight loss due to the constant urge to snack.

One of the most important features of papain is its effect on the digestion of meat, which we mentioned at the beginning of the article. The retention of meat products in the intestines can be dangerous, especially if these products are processed and contain, for example, carcinogenic sodium nitrite. It has been proven that the enzymes found in papaya break down many proteins, including wheat gluten, milk casein or just meat fibers. All this makes our intestines become less burdened and thus healthier, because they do not contain undigested foods, harmful substances and gases. Consumption of papain helps to avoid bloating and constipation, which is the cause of severe discomfort.

Why is it worth to use papain?

Among other things, due to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, which allows you to reduce the amount of consumed medications. The fact of its impact on immunity is also important in this respect. It also dissolves toxins and parasites, hence it is perfect for cleansing the body and restoring its balance. Thanks to papain we will take care of our condition from any angle.