Paleo diet

The Paleo diet is a relatively new style of nutrition that eliminates all processed foods. It’s based on food that has been known to humanity for centuries and is fully natural. It’s strongly inspired by the way our ancestors ate, who did not know the products of today’s world, including modern food. The menu includes all the elements of the meals of people from ancient times, even before the agrarian period. We find in it products that are natural and generally available.

Paleo diet – what to eat?

This diet includes all vegetables, fruits, as well as nuts and pods. During its use, however, we do not have to give up meat, and it’s advisable to eat vegetable oils and animal fat. Her most important motto is: strength lies in simplicity. So we can eat all the products that the earth has produced. To illustrate the nutrition style consistent with paleo, below we present an example menu.


Hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, green beans, a handful of seeds


Apples, oranges, peanuts


Smoked fish, wild rice, green lettuce, linseed oil


Steak with lettuce, nuts, lettuce with vegetables, juice from raw vegetables

We find many kinds of vegetables and fruits, but also mushrooms and nuts. However, we reduce the amount of carbohydrates, especially simple sugars. We will also have to say goodbye to bread, which is processed and has nothing to do with the diet of our ancestors.

Which products should be strictly avoided on a paleo diet?

– Sweets

– Processed products, including bread, buns, croissants, etc.

– Frozen dishes

– Ready meals, e.g. dumplings

– Pasta

– Carton juices

– Energy drinks

– Sauces from the jar

– Dairy products

– Creams and cakes

What are the benefits of the Paleo diet?

The Paleo diet allows first of all to quickly and effectively reduce the body weight, which is conditioned mainly by the elimination of sweets and ready products from the daily menu. In addition, due to the use of healthy and unprocessed products, being on this type of diet we provide the body with improved overall functioning, for example, significantly improves the work of our intestines, improves the appearance of skin, hair, nails and teeth, we have more energy, improves our sleep, and we also remove harmful toxins and parasites from the body.


Such nutrition must, however, be well composed by the dietician. It should contain many healthy substitutes for processed foods, so that we do not feel the lack of these products in the diet and quickly do not get discouraged. This requires a lot of discipline and self-control, but the effects will be phenomenal. We will get rid of excess fat and feel the flavours that we did not know before.


Eating‘paleo style’ is also a lifestyle that is based on minimalism, naturalness and slower life. We focus primarily on our body and its needs and live in accordance with our biological clock. More and more people are interested in a way of life that eliminates stress and encourages better treatment of our body. Thanks to this procedure, we are able to eliminate a large number of factors that affect us destructively, such as toxins.