Oxymetholone is a classic anabolic-androgenic preparation that is widely used in clubs and clinics. Unlike trenbolone or boldenon, it has been officially in circulation for several decades, it was first described in 1959. It is used to treat anemia because it increases the number of red blood cells. 

Anapolon is considered one of the strongest agents in the market. Its strength, unfortunately, can fail by preparations from the black market, not containing the right dose of the active substance (the same can be for example with metanabol or winstrol). 

Oxymetholone is one of the few preparations that, although it is a derivative of DHT, does not belong to the so-called SAA. quality. The main skeleton of anapolon is similar to oxandrolone and winstrol. 

How does oxymetholone compare with other drugs? 

Of course, these data are synthetic and come from animal studies, they do not always translate into practice. Certainly, anapolon is a potent androgen that is not suitable for administration to women. Anapolon contains a fully saturated ring-A structure, which should reduce its harmfulness to the liver (but it can also give a good burn to the liver, like all 17-alpha alkylated SAA). The 17-alpha group attached to the testosterone molecule protects the active substance from inactivation by oxidizing the 17-hydroxy group to 17-keto. Anapolon undergoes first oxidation at the second carbon molecule, reduction at the third and hydroxylation at C17. Ok. 5% of anapolon is recovered in the urine as conjugates with glucuronic acid. Various other metabolites are formed from anapolon . It is certainly a powerful and often fake agent with extremely serious side effects. 


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