Oxymetholone, and the hematological profile and liver.

In studies by Rohani Aliakbar et al 1, after 6 weeks of use of anapolone in men, it was found 

The hematocrit comment was still within the norm, it was 51.12 after 6 weeks, and the norm was 42-52%. The indicator shows what percentage of blood volume are red blood cells. 

Similarly, the standard contained hemoglobin, after 6 weeks of treatment with anapolonem its amount did not exceed the norm (14-18 g / dL), and was 16.61 g / dL. Regarding aminotransferase activity, their increase may be shocking, but … the SGOT standard is up to 35 U / L, so despite the increase and 6-week oxymetholone intake, the aspartate aminotransferase index was within the norm (33.75 U / L). In the same way, alanine aminotransferase after 6 weeks of the cycle was only 43.62 U / L (the norm is up to 36 U / L). 

Of course, the SGOT and SGTP enzyme activity alone does not necessarily indicate that the liver is healthy. Anapolon has the potential to have an effect on thromboembolic events (hematocrit, red blood cell counts), so its simultaneous use with strongly flavoring SAA is particularly dangerous. 


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