Oregano and oregano oil – healing properties and use

Oregano and oregano oil – properties and application

Oregano is best known as a spice.However, oregano and oil extracted from it have been used in natural medicine for many years because they have many medicinal properties.Oregano shows, among othersantifungal and antiviral effect, improves digestion, relieves cough.Some even argue that it can prevent civilization diseases.Check what properties oregano has.

Oregano, i.e. margarita, is a spice, the properties of which were already appreciated by the ancient Greeks.They applied the leaves of this plant to relieve muscle aches.In turn, the Romans used them for bites of scorpions and spiders.Formerly, men treated the mixture of oregano and olive oil as a way to hair growth.The same combination (oregano with oil) has been considered an effective remedy for rheumatism and sprains.In turn, oregano oil was used to strengthen immunity.Nowadays, oregano has been used in the kitchen more than in medicine.However, modern research shows that oregano, as well as oregano oil, has many medicinal properties.


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Oregano can prevent civilization diseases

Oregano can prevent civilization diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease or cancer.All thanks to the high content of phenolic components, the researchers convince.Preliminary studies confirm the antioxidant properties and scavenging ability of free radicals and suggest that oregano may have anticancer properties.

The addition of oregano can reduce the carcinogenic properties of meat cooked at high temperatures

This is the opinion of researchers from the University of Arizona who argue that the coverage of meat with the chemical compound in this popular spice stops the process leading to the formation of carcinogenic substances under the influence of grilling, toasting or frying.Oregano contains an antioxidant called carvacrol, which blocks the formation of heterocyclic amines (initiating the formation of tumors) when processing meat at a high temperature.

Oregano to improve digestion

Herb marjoram increases the secretion of saliva, gastric juice and bile, and thus improves the processes of digestion and assimilation of food.Oregano is also considered a good carminative and anti-diarrheal.Contemporary phytotherapy recommends the use of oregano also in the case of gastritis, indigestion, intestinal atony and excessive intestinal fermentation and bloating.In turn, in natural medicine, marjoram oil is used in the treatment of intestinal parasitic infection.


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Oregano for cough

Oregano increases the secretion of mucus through the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract and acts relaxin on the smooth muscles of the bronchi, therefore in herbal medicine is used in catarrh of the upper respiratory tract, cough and difficult expectoration.


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