Omega-3 acids activate brown adipose tissue

Brown fat tissue is responsible for the energy balance, thermogenesis and increasing the energy expenditure of the body.This prevents the body from cooling down and helps to overcome obesity.They activate the brown adipose tissue, among others, by introducing omega-3 fatty acids.


Brown adipose tissue (also called brown adipose tissue) can be activated by cold and pharmacological agents.

The latest research published, among others, in” The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry “and in” Nature Communications “show that the activity of brown fat cells can be stimulated by a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids.


EPA acid and brown adipose tissue

Brown fat is found primarily in the neck and supraclavicular area.

The scientific interest in brown adipose tissue (BAT) has increased when it has been shown to increase in adulthood and the high content of brown fat cells is associated with a lower risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes and other metabolic diseases.

Previously, it was thought that the most BAT is found in neonatal organisms, and its level decreases with age and increase in the amount of white adipose tissue. It turns out that numerous pro-health actions of omega-3 fatty acids (especially EPA) are associated with the effect on the activity of white and brown fat cells.

In an experiment conducted on two groups of mice, one of which was fed a high-fat diet rich in omega-3 and the other a low-fat diet, it was shown that diet enriched in EPA caused a decrease in body weight, reduced number of markers of inflammation in the body, increased glucose tolerance and increase in insulin sensitivity of cells.

These effects are associated with the reduction of inflammatory processes in fat cells, decrease in lipogenesis (formation of fat storage) and reduced fat oxidation.


What affects brown adipose tissue?

The amount of fat is greater in women and physically active people.

Based on the latest reports, it was found that omega-3 fatty acids activate the receptors responsible for activating brown adipose tissue, and also contribute to the process of browning white fat cells, that is, converting brown cells to active, stimulating energy consumption.

However, as a result of previous experience, it was found that increasing the amount of brown adipose tissue in the body may be effective in the fight against obesity and prevent metabolic diseases, including type 2 diabetes and dyslipidemia. hormones that activate fat and carbohydrate metabolism.

Based on the observations, it was found that the strongest effect of activating brown adipose tissue is achieved by supplementation with the diet of EPA acid itself, rather than a mixture of these acids. Analogous conclusions were drawn from the analysis of in vitro results of fat tissue browning

The research published in” Nature Communications “suggests that the results of their experience and the indication of molecular mechanisms of activation of brown adipose tissue by omega-3 allow to explain the so-important importance of these fats to health. In addition, these data can be used to create new therapies in the treatment of obesity and related metabolic diseases.