Olive oil – why it’s so popular?

The matter of what oil to choose often can make you feel dizzy. Many people like to follow a given trend and look for new solutions. Today I would like to introduce one of the classic choices for this product – olive oil. In the text, you will learn why it is often the oil chosen by many.

Mediterranean diet

At the very beginning, it is worth mentioning the Mediterranean diet itself in which we can just find olive oil. We find a lot of evidence that the Mediterranean population is at reduced risk when it comes to some chronic diseases. In addition, their life expectancy is much greater when we compare it to other populations in the world, despite the fact that they consume a lot of fat. One of the most interesting studies was created in the 1950s, which showed the difference between the Mediterranean population and people living in Northern Europe and North America in terms of diet. Ultimately, it was recognized that the Mediterranean diet is strongly associated with a low rate of diseases such as cardiovascular disease and various forms of cancer. In addition, a much longer life expectancy was noted.

Olive oil – what can it give us

Olive oil has many positive aspects that can help our body in everyday life. Clinical studies on this topic have shown that consumption of olive oil can offset the factors responsible for cardiovascular problems through

Studies have also shown that olive oil could have a protective effect on our body in terms of cancer development, especially for breast, lung, colon or skin. Chemical compounds found in olive oil (phenols) may be able to compensate for the oxidative damage to our DNA. In addition, olive oil can also have a significant impact on blood pressure, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis and immune functions.

Basic information about olive oil
Basic information about olive oil

Types of olive oil

Olive oil is made by pressing or crushing fruit from an olive tree. There are various types of oil, depending on how it was processed. There are refined and unrefined (virgin) species. Oil that has not been refined by heat and chemical treatments is of much better quality.

We can find varieties such as:

  • Extra Virgin – considered the best variation of olive oil because it is made from virgin oil. It is pressed by the traditional cold pressing method. We will not find any chemicals here and only slight use of heat in the treatment
  • Virgin – in this case, it is formed from the second pressing, also without the use of chemicals
  • Olive oil – often called “pure olive oil.” It is non-virgin and has the nickname “pure” because it only has oil. It goes through a special process in which we will just find the high temperature, chemical solvents, high pressure and filtration. Finally, a small amount of virgin oil is added to regain colour and aroma
  • Light and Extra Light – last in terms of quality. It doesn’t have many aromas or the colour of the original oil


Olive oil certainly has many health aspects that are worth considering. Of course, it’s best to choose Virgin or Extra Virgin oils that have the best quality, but their price may be prohibitive for many. It is also worth taking an interest in olive oil because it is the basis of the Mediterranean diet in which we see more positive health aspects compared to the diet of Northern Europe or North America.