Octopamine – thermogenic fat burner!

  1. What is octopamine?
  2. Octopamine – properties and use
  3. Supplementation and contraindications


  1. What is octopamine?

It is a metabolite of synperine, a compound that is one of the last products of L-tyrosine metabolism, making it a natural source for the human body to synthesize it. Its source is the fruit of bitter orange and bitter melon. What’s more, this substance occurs naturally in the body and comes from tyramine.

  1. Octopamine – properties and use

Research on the exact action of octopamine is still being carried out. At the moment, however, it is assigned thermogenic properties as well as suppressing excessive appetite. The reason for this interaction in the context of human metabolism is the effect on the adrenergic and dopaminergic systems.

Supplementation of octopamine is recommended primarily for people who engage in systematic physical activity due to their proreductive properties. However, this does not mean that it is a preparation strictly aimed at people who exercise heavily – it is also used among people who want to control their own weight or lose unnecessary kilograms.

  1. Supplementation and contraindications

Lack of detailed research determines the deficit of information on its dosage. To prevent problems that may arise from improper supplementation – it is recommended that you consult your doctor or pharmacist in advance. The use of octopamine is not recommended for people with neurological problems and hypertension. It does not cause undesirable effects provided that the doses prescribed by the specialist are observed.