Nutmeg (spice) – properties and nutritional values

Nutmeg is most often used as a spice in the kitchen, but due to its healing properties, it has also been used in natural medicine.However, the most interest is aroused due to its hallucinogenic properties.A substance compact in the nutmeg may act like a drug and cause intoxication.Check what properties nutmeg has when it has health effects and when it can harm.

Nutmeg is the middle part of the nutmeg fruit of a spicy, evergreen tree from the Spice Islands (island of Molucca).Nutmeg is most often used as a spice in the kitchen, however, due to its healing properties, it has also been used in natural medicine.Muscat nutmeg in addition to nutmeg also provides another spice – so-called.mace (Macis).It is the seed of the stone – a bright red casing, reminiscent of a net that is used in the kitchen after drying.However, nutmeg is the most popular, not only becauseof its culinary and healthy effects, but also because of the content of psychoactive substance called myristicin.

Nutmeg like a drug?

The strong scent and bitter-spicy flavor of the nutmeg owe to the essential oil.Its main ingredient is myristicine, which has hallucinogenic properties.

Nutmeg may cause a negative effect only after eating large doses.In small quantities, the nutmeg has healing properties.

In 100 g dry powdered fruit there is 1050 mg of myristicine, while in nutmeg oil its content is about 4%.The hallucinogenic dose is 60-315 mg (6-30 g of powdered knobs). 1 The symptoms of myristic appear 3-6 hours after ingestion and disappear after 24 hours.It causes anxiety, disorientation in time and space, detachment from reality and dreams, feeling of floating in the air, illusions and visual hallucinations.¹ In high concentrations it can be very dangerous for health because it causes liver cancer.However, the culinary use of nutmeg should not trigger the effects described.It is worth knowing that myristicin is also a component of the oil of seeds of some varieties of parsley.


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Nutmeg improves digestion, can prevent stomach ulcers

Nutmeg increases the secretion of gastric juice, thanks to which it improves digestion.In addition, it works carminatively.From the preliminary research of scientists, it also follows that nutmeg can prevent the development of stomach ulcers.All thanks to the content of the substance called eugenol, which in considerable quantities occurs not only in the nutmeg, but also in clove oil.The mechanism of the anti-ulcer action of this substance is not clear.Eugenol is credited with inhibiting the release of leukotrienes (substances that are involved in inflammation), which is supposed to prevent damage to the gastric mucosa.


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Nutmeg can prevent thrombosis

The ingredients of the nutmeg inhibit the aggregation (clumping) of platelets, and hence – they prevent clots.This effect is comparable to indomethacin – a drug from the group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) that performs the same function.


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