Nitrobolon II – composition, action, effects,

Trec Nutrition does not need to be presented to anyone. Trec Nutrition is a solid company whose products testify to the exceptional market sense and the needs of athletes. This is no different with Nitrobolone II.This is a modification of the popular nutrient.Trec Nutrition decided to modernize it. Nitrobolone II was created so that athletes could in the most efficient way increase the production of nitric oxide (NO) in the body. This allows for more effective exercise and faster recovery after difficult training sessions. The powerful action of nitric oxide makes the muscles better supplied with blood and more nutrients reach them – and above all, oxygen. Nitrobolone II therefore contributes to the maximum strength and muscular endurance.


  1. Nitrobolone II – composition
  2. Nitrobolone II – operation
  3. Nitrobolone II – dosage
  4. Nitrobolone II – reviews

NitroBolon II

  1. Nitrobolone II – composition

The creatine ethyl ester contained in the supplement allows optimization of energy transformations. Citrulline malate contributes to a more efficient removal of ammonia and lactic acid, thanks to which unnecessary metabolic products, generated as a result of intense exercise, are removed from the muscles.

It is worth noting that nitric oxide is often referred to as a life molecule.This title may owe its enormous influence to the regeneration and functioning of the nervous system, the cardiovascular system and the immune system. Nitric oxide additionally indirectly supports the achievement of designated body figures.These properties make Nitrobolon II recommended to professional athletes and all those who dream about the aesthetic appearance of their body.

Nitrobolon II is a pre-workout booster.Its main task is to increase the strength and energy experienced during exercise and to accelerate muscle recovery after intense training.To achieve this type of effects, Trec Nutrition used in its product two amino acids with similar activity – L-arginine in the form of malate and alpha-ketoglutarate and L-citrulline in the form of malate.

The combination of both components gives measurable effects. L-arginine and L-citrulline interact with each other and strengthen their properties.All components of the described supplement were used in the most stable and best assimilable form, thanks to which the efficiency of Nitrobolone II is really high.The formula of conditioner has been enriched with well-chosen carbohydrates.Not only do they add a lot of energy, they also improve regeneration and increase the rate of muscle glycogen restoration.

In Nitrobolone II there is also another very important component that occurs naturally in the body of every human being, namely creatine. Creatine in the form of ethyl ester is characterized by high bioavailability, so that the muscles can properly use this ingredient.In addition, the nutrient was enriched with taurine (an amino acid responsible, inter alia, for the improvement of the transport of muscle creatine), inosine and glutamine.

  1. Nitrobolone II – operation

Pre-workout Nitrobolon II is a very strong conditioner, having a huge impact on the efficiency of training of every athlete.Its regular use contributes to a significant increase in the release of nitric oxide NO, resulting in a number of benefits.

L-arginine and L-citrulline are also responsible for supporting one of the most important detoxification processes.I am talking about a urea cycle during which ammonia is transformed into urea.This process determines the proper functioning of every organism.The urea cycle is a specific sequence of enzymatic reactions that allows getting rid of excessive amounts of unnecessary metabolic products, which are side effects of biochemical changes taking place in the body.

The creatine present in the supplement after delivery to the body supports the production of the ATP energy unit, or adenosine triphosphate.The more ATP in the body, the more energy can be devoted even to muscle contraction.

Nitrobolone II is full of additives.I am talking hereabout taurine, which among others is responsible for supporting the transport of creatine to muscles.The taurine present in the supplement Nitrobolon II together with inosine and glutamine effectively enhances the regeneration of the whole organism.

  1. Nitrobolone II – dosage

Due to the fact that Nitrobolon II is a pre-workout conditioner, it should be consumed well in advance of the exercise.This principle allows to obtain the maximum effectiveness of the preparation. Remember to follow all recommendations given by the manufacturer. Thanks to this you will ensure your safety. Nitrobolone II is not harmful.However, each supplement should be used with caution.

On training days, take a single portion (4 scoops = 20 g) half an hour before training and immediately after finishing the exercise.

On non-workout days a single serving (4 scoops = 20 g) half an hour before breakfast and before the next main meal of the day.

Remember that each portion should be mixed with 300 ml of cold water.Take nutrient immediately after preparation.

You should not take a daily dose higher than recommended for consumption (ie 8 measures).

  1. Nitrobolone II – reviews

The Trec Nutrition brand is a recognized player on the market.The producer is appreciated for reaching high quality ingredients.Trec Nutrition does not allow you to use recipes that are not checked and effective.

Nitrobolone II is valued for its lack in the composition of classic stimulants. The supplement does not contain, for example, caffeine. Thanks to this, it is possible to take nutrients by people who expect other types of stimuli during training. Nitrobolone II does not cause overloading of the nervous system – taken as recommended should not adversely affect the quality of sleep and concentration.

Compounds like L-arginine and L-citrulline are responsible for improving the sexual function of men. They have a positive effect on improving sexual performance, improve semen quality, increase libido.

Regular use of the supplement contributes to a significant increase in the efficiency of each workout.The speed of improvement in the achieved results can be spectacular, which will contribute to better motivation.Nitrobolone II has helped many athletes around the world.

Trec Nutrition products are known and appreciated on the market. Manufacturer’s supplements are easy to find.Nitrobolone II can be found in both stationary stores and online stores.