Mushroom soup calories, nutritional properties

Mushroom soup is prepared from dried or fresh or frozen mushrooms. Mushroom soup is most popular during the holiday season. Mushroom soup with potatoes or pasta appears most often on the table. What nutritional values does mushroom soup have? How many calories have mushroom soup?

Mushroom soup origin

Mushroom soup is a soup prepared from dried or fresh or frozen mushrooms, e.g. chanterelles, mushrooms. As a main ingredient of the soup, also Riga, mushrooms or porcini mushrooms are great. You can combine different species of mushrooms or use only one.

Mushroom soup is cooked on vegetable or meat and vegetable stock with the addition of pasta, cast noodles or potatoes, most often seasoned with cream, milk or a flour and fat roux.

Christmas Eve mushroom soup with potatoes or pasta usually appears on tables, especially during Christmas. On the other hand, mushroom soup in Western European cuisines is most often found as mushroom cream soup. In turn, in North America, mushroom soup is available in the form of condensed canned soup.

Health benefits of mushrooms
Health benefits of mushrooms

Mushroom soup calories and health properties

Mushroom soup is low in calories – 100 g of soup provides only 39 calories. The caloric content of mushroom soup depends on the decoction on which it was prepared, and the type of seasoning and mushrooms. Mushroom soup on vegetable stock is less caloric than that prepared on meat and vegetable stock.

Mushroom soup with the addition of milk is less caloric than the soup to which cream or flour and fat roux has been added. The fresh mushroom soup is characterized by a lower calorific value than the soup prepared with the addition of dried mushrooms.

Due to its calorific value, mushroom soup is recommended for people on a diet. However, it is worth preparing it on vegetable stock and seasoning with milk – then its calorific value will be lower.

Mushroom soup should not be included in the diet of people with gastrointestinal diseases and digestive problems, because it is hard to digest. Unfortunately, mushroom soup is not rich in vitamins and minerals. The plate of mushroom soup hardly covers the daily requirement for these ingredients.