Muscle memory

Muscle memory has recently become an increasingly popular topic. Many people still consider its existence as purely hypothetical. So what is true, and what should be approached with caution?

Breaks in training

Breaks in training are a natural thing that can affect everyone. Everyone gets sick or injured from time to time. This can prevent training for an extended period of time. Muscle memory occurs when regular cycle of training is interrupted.

Muscle memory in theory

It is almost certain that muscles have a kind of memory. Thanks to it, it is easier to return to the previous form even after a long break in training. Muscles have the ability, thanks to which they recall in a relatively short time how to react to given training stimuli. This allows for a much smoother return to the previous form, and the progress of such people is much faster than in the case of those who just start their adventure with strength sports.

The science of muscle memory

This is quite a controversial topic among scientists, nutritionists, athletes and trainers. Scientific confirmation of the authenticity of muscle memory should be a matter of time. This will be the next big step in understanding the capabilities of the human body.

During training, muscle cells become enlarged. In addition, the number of cell nuclei contained in the muscles is also increased. In this way, the rate of muscle proteins synthesis is improved. However, if for some reason we stop regular training, our body starts to deplete energy loads, which results in a progressive loss of musculature. Muscle proteins are broken down into amino acids, which are then used by the body to synthesize enzymes or hormones. Despite this, the number of cell nuclei does not decrease, making the rapid sculpting of the figure much more easier.

Muscle memory is as much a fact as possible. It is the only rational reason explaining the fact that people who used to get regular workouts have it much easier and notice the effects of their exercises much faster than those who are just starting out. Unfortunately, we still have to wait before we get official confirmation of this thesis.