MSM – an organic sulfur compound

You probably know that sulfur is an element present in our body. We get it from food. Most things we eat contain it in trace amounts. Food processing further reduces the organic sulfur content of the food. The sulfur compound is deposited in bones and muscles. By having organic sulfur there, proper functioning of joints, bones, and muscles is possible.

What is MSM?

Let’s go into more detail. You already know that the sulfur compound is essential for proper functioning. In supplementation, you will often come across the abbreviation MSM. It is nothing but methylsulfonylmethane. If we would like to describe organic sulfur, it will be a white powder that easily dissolves in water and has no smell.

MSM has many important health benefits. First of all, it cleanses the body of all toxins. After any injury or damage to tissues, it allows for better and faster reconstruction of new ones. You will often see a great improvement in the reduction of muscle pain. By helping the body regenerate, it helps build hair, skin, and nails, and also helps heal burns and cuts. Thanks to its ability to dilate blood vessels it increases blood flow and effectively strengthens connective tissue.

Chemical structure of MSM
Chemical structure of MSM

The effectiveness of sulfur is also noted in the treatment of inflammatory conditions of the joints, such as rheumatoid arthritis. It also works very well in combating osteoporosis. People with insulin resistance should also look into the compound organic sulfur, as it helps in treating this condition.

Sulfur is an element necessary for the production of keratin. Keratin helps in inhibiting inflammatory processes, reduce scarring, improve connective tissue, and most importantly, improve the condition of our muscles.

MSM dosage

Now that we know that the sulfur compound, is so effective for so many conditions, let’s look at how to use it and what dosages to choose.

Most importantly, MSM has no side effects when used. If you are still skeptical about sulfur supplementation, let the fact that it is sulfur that further enhances the effects of other organic compounds such as vitamin C, B vitamins, selenium, calcium, and magnesium convince you.

Recommended MSM supplement - MZ Store MSM
Recommended MSM supplement – MZ Store MSM

As we said, it is a white, odorless powder. To get the best results, dissolve the appropriate amount (starting with 1g) in 150 ml of water and drink 30 minutes before a meal. It is advisable to start with the smallest dose, then increase it by 1g after a week up to 5g per day. Then, for a few weeks, you can increase the dose to 15g per day. After about a month, we return to the dose maintaining 5g per day. The body excretes excess sulfur through the urine.