Move your triceps


Well, let’s go gentlemen and ladies, a small proposition on my part to move your stubborn triceps to growth. 

We will try to use a variety of exercises to plan a plan that will each time stimulate all triceps exercises typical of a given type of training. 

Let’s try, as in biceps training, we will share training for 3 mesocycles, strength, strength and mass. 



For strength training, we do small intervals between 30-45 seconds. 

We do 3 exercises for 3 series and 12-15 retours we start with 



Pulling the extraction rope (handle also rope) 3 x 12-15 

Squeezing French dumbbells sitting (single-handed) 3 x 12-15 

Arm extensions with a drawstring handle with a pull handle 3 x 12-15 



The second mesocycle will work on the strength of the triceps, mainly the outer head, which is responsible for the squeezing. 

Of course, pumps on poreczach angarzuja whole triceps also neglected will not be nothing. We do two exercises of 4 series and 3-8 replications in a series. We rest after 3 minutes. 



Pumps for a pellet of 4 x 6-8 (with load if too light) 

Squeezing a narrow grip on a horizontal bench, 8,6,3,3 

The third mesocycle involves building a mass of triceps, combining an exercise placed on a free carpenter’s edge and insulated on the lift. 

We will use a varied range of 6-12 repetitions and medium length rests of 1-1.5 minutes. We will do purely technical two exercises for three series with a pyramidally increased weight. 



Squeezing the French barbell sit 10,8,6 

Pulling the extract rope with the handle (short straight handle) 12, 10, 10 



You use mesocycles in accordance with the possibilities and achieved effects (depending on the progress) from 4 to 6 weeks. 

If there is no progress and we are standing still, we change to the next mesocycle, after four weeks we are still going well, we are pulling to 6. 

All workouts are mandatory after a solid warming up of the nails and wrists, the exercises are preceded by one series on a small carpenter’s.


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