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Mountain rosary – stress reduction

The properties of the rhododendron should meet everyone. Stress reduction, increased anabolic processes and accelerated post-workout regeneration are just some of its pro-health benefits. Get to know the adaptogen that will change your training. 


Mountain rosary


The mountain rosa, also known as the Arctic root, is a plant growing in the harsh climate of the high mountain part of the northern hemisphere. that this plant allows the body to adapt to the harsher conditions of everyday life, and successfully include both physical and mental challenges.

A popular form of mountain rosary supplementation are tablets with its extract.

Although the tablets are a convenient form, people who like herbal infusions are more likely to reach for tea with a mountain rosin.It usually occurs in the pure form of the chopped rhizome of the plant and allows you to fully exploit its pro-health potential. 


Mountain rosa – properties

Regular use of the Arctic root motivates you to act and resist challenges. Mountain rosa also affects: 

 increasing the intensity of anabolic processes,

reducing the amount of cortisol,

reduction of inflammatory C – reactive protein,

protection against oxidative stress,

increasing stress resistance,

calming the body,

regulation of blood sugar level,

increasing cognitive skills,

action in the prevention of cancer. 


Mountain rosacea – application effects

 Opinions about the mountain rosacea clearly indicate that its use carries a number of positive effects, which can be especially important for people training in the gym.


As a natural remedy – it does not cause unpleasant side effects.

Supports physical effort.

The most valuable properties of the mountain rosary are, among othersreducing the amount of inflammation and a positive effect on anabolic reactions.Thanks to this, you can enjoy greater muscle gains.

It is also a supportive and accelerating post-workout regeneration.

Reducing the negative impact of oxidative stress has a positive effect on reducing the amount of damage caused by effort.

The decrease in cortisol, which rises in people exercising, positively affects the well-being and functioning of regenerative processes.

By stabilizing blood sugar levels and activating energy stores in the form of fat, it is an excellent measure during the reduction.

In everyday training, it affects not only endurance, but also allows you to focus on training.


Who is mountain rosary for?


The operation of the mountain rhododendron allows to improve sports and mental performance. Supplementation is recommended above all to people:

overworked and busy;

trainers who care about better regeneration and effects of their trainings. 




Mountain rosin preparations should be used in accordance with the instructions on the packaging


It is recommended to consume the extract in a dose in the range of 200 – 400mg daily.

Dosage of the rhododendron should begin with small amounts – the human body is not used to its adaptogenic character.

Overdosing of the substance is associated with hyperactivity.


When using tea, it is recommended to drink up to two glasses a day


in the early afternoon. 



Do not take herbal preparations with a mountain rosary for the night, because they can make it difficult to fall asleep. The side effects of rhododendron are rare, but if they do occur, they usually take the form. 



difficulties in focusing,

raising blood pressure.


Contraindications to its supplementation have

 pregnant women,


people under 12,

allergic to mountain rosacea. 


Mountain rosary, or the way to stress

 Arctic root supplementation improves mood and allows you to train much more effectively. Interestingly, the mountain rhododendron in depression is becoming a means of improving the condition of patients, although the effects are slightly weaker than in the case of antidepressants, but also side effects are eliminated. very wide, but you have to admit that this measure really works.