Probably not everyone knows, but the liver secretes 1/5 of the heat released by our body. It really is a lot. As much as 20% of heat. And since the liver gives off so much heat, it means that it does a really hard job. Over the past 20 years, research conducted by scientists around the world has confirmed the remarkable effectiveness of milk thistle (Latin: Silybum Marianum) in the treatment of liver. It is a herb closely related to sunflower. Heals diseases caused, among others as a result of acute and chronic poisoning. It is also helpful in acute viral inflammation, cirrhosis or fatty liver.

Milk thistle is an annual plant known since antiquity. Already Disocides (100 BC) and Piliniusz the Elder (I) did mention him in their works and successfully used it in medical practice. Later, in the Middle Ages, St. Hildegard. And it was in the Middle Ages that milk thistle became one of the most important medicinal plants. He then received the name of the thistle of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Legend has it that during the feeding of the baby Jesus, a few drops of milk fell on the list of useful thistle and left them milky spots.

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Before the war, the season of harvesting herbs began after the day of Saint. John the Baptist (24 June), and ended – on the day of Our Lady of the Herb (August 15). The most important herbs in medicine at that time were collected in this period and only from the moment of their dedication they could be used for medicinal purposes.

Currently, for 14 years, companies belonging to one of the foreign holdings choose the medicinal plant of the year. This holding is located in Klęka. The choice of a medicinal plant of the year is always determined by the degree of interest in a given plant of research centers in Poland and in the world, as well as the degree of its effectiveness in treating various diseases.

Milk thistle reaches a height of up to 1.6 m, which is why it is often described as a stately thistle. This plant comes from the Mediterranean Sea. It has spread and grows also in Europe and North America. In ancient times milk thistle was also grown as a vegetable. His flower baskets were a substitute for the artichoke, the young leaves were prepared as spinach, and the roots after cooking were reminiscent of Serelyweed (Treacherous goat).

In herbal medicine, only the fruit of milk thistle is used. Well, they are fruits from organic farming. Ripe fruits of milk thistle contain usually about 3 percent. silymarin, which has an anti-psycho-toxic effect.

Fruits-free cup down. Protects liver cells against the hepatotoxic effects of chemical, bacterial and viral agents. These compounds seal the liver cell membranes, hindering the penetration of toxins – explains Professor Jambor.

Apparently, the milk thistle can help even in the case of intoxication with phacoloma. Served up to 48 hours after eating this fungus can prevent poisoning with its toxins. It also reduces total cholesterol as well as LDL function.

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Why is it worth to use milk thistle?

Proper liver function determines the proper functioning of the body, and more than 5,000 vital functions and over 500 chemical processes occurring inside the human body depend on its efficiency. The liver also removes harmful toxins from the body. This is an important reason why you should take care of your liver’s health today.

As I have already mentioned, milk thistle owes its popularity mainly as a medicine for liver ailments such as

It is particularly recommended during anti-alcohol therapy, removing toxic substances that accumulate in the body during convalescence after liver damage caused by toxic factors such as

It also helps with nose bleeds and internal organs, digestive disorders, gastric acid insufficiency, lack of appetite, bloating, bouncing, low blood pressure and motion sickness. It supports very effectively treatment during withdrawal and anti-alcohol therapy.

In summary, Milk Thistle extract protects and regenerates the liver damaged by toxin contamination, the effects of long-term use of drugs, alcohol abuse, chemotherapy, viral hepatitis or fungal intoxication.

Milk thistle used prophylactically protects healthy liver and kidneys cells from destruction, steatosis and toxins. It is also used in cosmetics. Regenerates the skin, regulates skin hydration.

The use can be bitten whole seeds, or ground to add to cold and hot dishes salads, soups or muesli in the amount of 1 teaspoon per day. Thistle seeds can be used for a long time. Beneficial effects should be expected after a minimum of two weeks of systematic use.

What is the action of milk thistle?

Extract of seeds of Silybum marianum (Latin: Silybum marianum) stabilizes hepacyte cell membranes and stimulates protein synthesis, while speeding up the regeneration process of damaged liver tissues and the ability to form new cells. Thistle seeds contain bioflavonaids known as Sylimarins. Extracts of milk thistle chorni chorni cells blocking the penetration of harmful toxins and helps to remove these toxins from the liver cells.

Like other bioflavonaids, Silymarin is a powerful antioxidant. In addition to its protective effect, it also strengthens protein synthesis and accelerates the regeneration process of damaged cells.

The use of milk thistle already in the initial phase of treatment of weakened liver brings the best results. The analysis shows that milk thistle preparations are antioxidants that are stronger than vitamin E, protecting not only the liver, but also the whole organism (especially the brain!) Against the attack of free oxygen radicals.


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