Milk thistle – detox and regeneration

The enormity of the plant world and the benefits of their natural properties are difficult to imagine, let alone to grasp. There is milk thistle among countless species of flora. What is this species and what are its features? We invite you for information to the article below.

  1. What is milk thistle?
  2. Who should use this preparation?
  3. Operation and benefits of using milk thistle
  4. Supplementation


  1. What is milk thistle?

Milk thistle is a plant from the Mediterranean. It belongs to the type of introduced plants, i.e. those that have been accidentally introduced and have spread to other parts of the world. At present, it is both a cultivated plant (eg in Poland) and a wild plant.


  1. Who should use this preparation?

Milk thistle is intended primarily for people who have problems with their health. It is applicable to such conditions as

– psoriasis,


– skin inflammation,

– alcohol abuse,

– states after chemotherapy.


  1. Operation and benefits of using milk thistle

Milk thistle is used for the production of many medicines and pharmaceutical preparations. This product has a very characteristic effect

detoxification and regeneration of the liver (protective function),

– strengthening of antioxidative systems and prevention of harmful effects of free radicals (anti-oxidation function),

– cleaning the organism from toxic compounds (anti-inflammatory function),

skin reconstruction after inflammation and dermatological diseases such as psoriasis (regenerative function).

No information about side effects that may occur as a result of milk thistle supplementation.


  1. Supplementation

Silybum marianum is present in the form of seeds that must be ground into the powder beforehand. The resulting granules should be consumed in an amount of 1 to 2 teaspoons per day. You can eat it a dry, washed down with liquid or used as an addition to dishes (eg salads). The current state of knowledge does not confirm that there are contraindications to supplementation with this preparation.