Micellar casein – 4 benefits from its use

Micellar casein is one of the highest quality protein sources that you can add to your diet. Although it is pure protein, casein may not be perfect after training to immediately provide nutrients to the muscles. However, it is irreplaceable as a source of protein throughout the day or at night when extended release of amino acids is needed. Below are the 4 main benefits of using micellar casein.


  1. Micellar casein affects better muscle mass maintenance

Whenever we go on a low-calorie diet, one of the first issues that is becoming an increasing problem is the loss of muscle mass. Because you will not provide enough calories to fully support all your body’s energy needs, your body will use muscle tissue to convert it into energy. The research conducted in Boston checked the amount of lean muscular muscle mass and total fat loss. The subjects received a casein protein hydrolyzate or whey protein hydrolyzate, simultaneously using a low-calorie diet and performing resistance training. Although both groups showed fat loss, the casein protein group gained greater fat loss and increased muscle strength in the chest, arms and legs. In addition, it has been shown thatthat micellar casein increases the percentage of total lean body mass compared to the mass before starting the experiment. Thus, the casein protein is particularly effective in maintaining muscle. It should also be mentioned that 1.5 g of protein per kilogram of body weight per day should be taken to achieve this effect. If the amount of protein in the diet is insufficient, then loss of muscle tissue will still be visible.


  1. Micellar casein flies favorably on the reduction of adipose tissue

Casein protein has a higher calcium content, which has a positive effect on the loss of total fat mass. Many people give up on dairy products when trying to reduce because they feel they are slowing down the process. This is completely incorrect behavior. This is confirmed by research carried out by the International Journal of Obesity. People who consumed more calcium had more energy consumption of about 350 kJ each day. According to these studies, it is best to find the right balance between calcium and protein intake, and not just increase the amount of protein to lose body fat. Casein protein will increase both calcium intake as well as the amount of protein in the diet, allowing you to maximize the benefits of fat loss.


  1. Micellar casein has a beneficial effect on intestinal health

Another very important advantage of micellar casein is that it has a beneficial effect on intestinal health. In a study in Australia, researchers studied the health benefits of consuming different proteins and found that milk proteins protect the colon much better than meat and soy proteins. This is a very important reason why casein protein should be added to the daily diet.


  1. Micellar casein – higher quality of protein

Micellar casein is one of the best sources of high quality protein available. In one of the studies published by the Journal of Nutrition, scientists recalled that micellar casein is of much higher quality than even soy, which makes it an important source of this macro nutrient. Remembering that the minimum protein requirement is always a priority, it is best to provide high quality products to reduce their excretion by the body. Low-quality proteins are hard to absorb, making it harder to maintain lean muscle mass.