Max-OT (maximum overload training)

Max-OT (maximum overload training) is a training invented by AST 

The training, in accordance with AST’s assurance, is supposed to give the fastest possible increase in muscle and strength, both at beginners and advanced, with a minimum time for training. The basic rule, repeated in the description by the trainers, is the maximum intensity and the maximum overload of the muscles. For the program to work, the creators reserve that they should adhere strictly to the principles they provide 

1. only 1-2 muscle groups are trained per day 

2. in each series, the weight is chosen so as to make a maximum of 4-6 repetitions (reiterations with help are not counted, match muscles, do not cause overload.) 

3. for each group of muscles to do 6-9 series (regardless of the number of exercises chosen), rest between 2-3min series 

4. we do not exceed the training time 30 – 40 min 

5. each group we train once every 5-7 days (this time of rest is to provide muscle regeneration, so that at the next workout, you can maximally overcome them) 

6. every 8-10 weeks we make a week of rest 

Recommended exercise at MAX-OT is 

Back, Biceps, Arms 

-compilation to the cage is wide 

-close to narrow cages (“V” grip) 

– barbelling, barbells, 


-bottles for biceps 

– flexing shoulders with barbells 

-good morning 

-swimming arms with handles and tripping with dumbbells and barbells 

– Tumbling of the trunk from precipitation with load 


Cage, Triceps, Barges 

– flat squeezing 

– slanting 

-pompresses on poreczach 

– squeezing in a narrow grip 

– squeezing “French triceps 

– straightening on the triceps lift 

– squeezing out “French lie 

– squeezing the bar before the head of the barge 

– squeezing barge weight 

-hances sideways 

-hills in the precipitation 

-hances ahead 







– stretching legs in the forest 

– adjusting the legs for sitting 

– putting a weight on the gantry 

– fingers for standing, in the machine and on the machine 

Warming up improperly leads to premature muscle fatigue which makes it impossible to perform intensive training with maximum overload. 

Let’s say that the weight in which you are able to do 4 repeats is 137kg, the warm-up will be so run 

1 series 

68.5 x 12 (warm up) 


2 series 

68.5 x 10 (warm up) 



3 series 

92.5 x 6 (warm up) 



4 series 

112.5 x 3 (acclimatization to weight) 



5 series 

127.5 x 1 (acclimatization to weight) 


. Hose, Saddle and Osma series 

142.5 x 4 – 6 (muscle building) 


Intensity and overload are basic principles in MAX-OT training 

The appropriate intensity can be found only with the appropriate commitment of the practitioner to the training. The Max-OT idea was created on the basis of training tests both on the psychic side and on the muscle structure. Below is a list of physiological advantages (according to AST) of Max-OT training, which others do not have 

1. The Max-OT series consist only of 4-6 repeats. A single Max-OT series lasts between 16 and 20 sec. This makes it easier to concentrate on exercises than in the case of long series. Work with maximum intensity can only be done in a very short period of time. 

2. The training lasts only 30 to 40 minutes. 

3. Each Max-OT program consists of exercises for only one main group of muscles. Thanks to this, the maximum energy can be sacrificed to this group, without thinking whether there is enough power for the others. 

4. Max-OT training stimulates a greater level of glycogen synthesis than other training methods. Which translates into optimal concentration and physical capabilities. 

5. Max-OT training stimulates the increase in the level of epinephrine (adrenaline) and norepinephrine. This has a very significant impact on strength. The increased amount of epinephrine also stimulates the improvement of glykogenolysis in the muscle tissue, and hence, increases the energy of the muscle. 

6. Max-OT training does not cause large accumulation of lactic acids reducing the necessity of their removal from working muscles. Thanks to this, a higher ATP level is generated, the anaerobic capacity is increased. 

7. Max-OT training increases the flow of blood vessels, thanks to which the muscles are better washed and delivered to them all the ingredients. 

8. Isolation of GH during training Max-OT is much bigger than in other types of training. 


Day 1. 


Squeezing the weight on the gantry 3series x 4-6 cores 

Squats 2 x 4-6 

Bending legs in a 2 x 6 bed 

Dead line, straight legs 2 × 6 

Supports on the crane on a standing platform of 2 x 6-8 

Supports on sitting 2 x 6-8 



Day 2. 


Extrusion on a 3 x 4-6 positive slant 

Flat pressing 2x 4-6 

Squeezing on the negative 1 x 4-6 




Tilt the trunk with a rope on the lift kneel 3 x 10-12 

I will spend on a sloping bench with a load of 2x 8-9 



Day 3. 


Rowing of dumbbells 2 x 4-6 

Clip to the cage on the handle “V 2 x 4-6 

Subtraction 2 x 4-6 

Extraction of the lower-pull cable in a flat force of 1x 4-6 




Dead race 2 x 4-6 

Shrugsy 1 x 4-6 



Day 4. 


Squeezing with dumbbells (Arnold type) 3 x 4-6 

Squeezing the bar sit 2 x 4-6 

Raise dumbbells up to 2 x 6-8 




“French barbell press 3 x 4-6 

Straightening arms on the hood, standing 3 x 4-6 

Combing 1 x 4-6 



Day 5. 


Bending arms with straight barbells 3 x 4-6 

2 x 4-6 mugs 

Bending shoulders with barbells 2 x 4-6 



Raise legs in a bed with a weight of 2 x 12-15 

Tilt the clasp from the rope on the lift kneel 2 x 8-10 


any breaks in this example workout? Do we go every day and for example a weekend off? 

preferably three times a week 

What’s the most interesting to me is the warm-up … after it I will squeeze more than normal … hmm I will try.


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