Mature woman’s diet

When we are young, we often don’t think about the future. We don’t care about the diet, what we will look like or what we are eating. As a result, many mature women have problems with health, maintaining a slim figure, and with dry skin, which is cut with wrinkles. Find out what products are indicated in the diet of a mature woman!

Don’t look for a miracle diet!

Looking for a miracle diet will not bring the expected results. Unfortunately, but there is no one good diet for all of us. Each is different, so something different will work for each. At a mature age, a healthy and not a slimming diet is the most important thing. If you are too thin, you can spoil your menstrual cycle, cause major health problems and generally harm yourself. Quick diets and quick effects are the domain of a teenager (which does not mean that this should be done at this age!), A mature woman should understand that diet is an important mean on the way to achieving health. The Copenhagen or Dukan diet can be used if you are overweight, but only under the watchful eye of a good dietitian. It is worth remembering that the latter is a protein diet, so it should not be used by people with kidney problems.

A healthy diet does not have to be difficult and boring, you will learn how to cook without problems, even if you are already several dozen years old. Don’t be afraid of new flavours and recipes – who knows, maybe this is how you will find something that will become your favourite dish?

Natural antioxidants and diet

Antioxidants, which are also found in our body, stop the ageing process. To keep your look always young, reach for them as often as possible. Where can you find them? First of all, in fresh fruit, vegetables and nuts. Look for exotic offers in stores – fresh coconut, pomegranate, lychee fruit, kaki. These fruits do not grow in our climate and are quite exotic, but you can easily buy them in larger stores. Get tempted and try new things all the time, in the end, you can afford it! Antioxidants are an excellent slimming diet, after all, the younger you feel, the more you want to move and look better. You will also find them in green tea, which is their extremely rich source.

Vegetables and fruits should be your best friends!
Vegetables and fruits should be your best friends!

Supporting the body with diet

If you want to preserve your beauty and health for many years, then try to stimulate the body’s natural processes. Do you have digestive problems? Choose fibre-containing products to cleanse your body. Zinc, selenium and manganese, as well as omega-3 fatty acids, support the natural antioxidants that are found in our bodies. Linseed oil is a very rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are perfectly absorbed, but during the year we consume very little of them! All you need to do is include a teaspoon of natural linseed oil daily to feel better. In addition, linseed oil has an extremely positive effect on the appearance of the skin, hair and nails.

With over fifty years of age, you can lead a healthy life! Just review your diet for healthy food, and instead of greasy pork knuckle or traditional stew, choose a vegetable salad and tasty fish!