Mass XXL – increasing muscle strength and endurance

The Trec company introduces very good quality nutrients for athletes, which facilitate the implementation of even heavy training plans, which is why it is worth to be interested in them.Among those products that sell the best, we find a lot of protein products that allow you to build muscle mass, and gainer products, or nutrients that are a combination of carbohydrates and protein. When it comes to gainer conditioners, these are usually such proposals that are characterized by very good quality and can be recommended by customers because their range of operation is very wide. Among these products, which are just such a character and are prepared by TREC, there is Mass XXL, thanks to which it will be easier to build your dream muscle mass.


  1. Mass XXL – nutrient characteristics and action
  2. Mass XXL ingredients
  3. Dosage Mass XXL
  4. Opinions about Mass XXL
  5. Availability of Mass XXL

Mass XXL

  1. Mass XXL – nutrient characteristics and action

Mass XXL is a product that contains long-chain carbohydrates, thanks to which it will be able to effectively extend the training time for athletes in all disciplines. The product is composed based on various components of mono-, oligo- and polysaccharides.Thanks to this, we guarantee that the energy will be delivered evenly.

You can also count on a supplement in the form of a vitamin complex, thanks to which it will be better to metabolize proteins and carbohydrates in the body. Mass XXL is a great product that is recommended for athletes who want a rapid increase in muscle mass.

  1. Mass XXL ingredients

As for the ingredients of Mass XXL, we find here primarily whey protein concentrate and a set of carbohydrates. The carbohydrates that are included in the product are maltodextrin and dextrose.

In addition, the composition also includes vitamins, enriching our day-long diet. If you opt for Mass XXL, you can expect a great product that gives you carbohydrates with different glycemic index, so they will be delivered to the blood at different rates.The supplementation of calories will therefore be gradual.Vitamins added to the preparation are primarily B vitamins, which perform a number of functions in the body, inter alia, participate in the metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins.

  1. Dosage Mass XXL

We accept this product on training and non-training days. Regarding the dosage, we must take 3-4 servings of this product depending on the individual needs.We take one portion of the product after waking up, the second portion before training, about one and a half hours, and the remaining portions between meals.

If there is no workout on a given day, you should take one portion after waking up, and the remaining portions – between meals. The product has a high caloric value, however, it can not be used as a substitute for a rational diet. It is also not a product indicated for pregnant women and nursing mothers.It will also not be a suitable proposition when it comes to children. The dosage given by the manufacturer should not be exceeded.

  1. Opinions about Mass XXL

Mass XXL enjoys a lot of interest from customers.Therefore, you can also find a lot of positive feedback about this product. Customers notice primarily a great combination of ingredients that complement the much needed energy during training.

This issue is crucial for customers who emphasize that thanks to the combination of ingredients, the preparation is able to directly affect training abilities. People who use it for a long time, notice that it greatly affects the building of muscle mass. With longer use, the effects that can be obtained are truly exceptional, which is why many people emphasize that the protein contained in the product promotes the building of muscle mass.

  1. Availability of Mass XXL

Mass XXL conditioner, prepared by Trec, is very well available. Everyone who is interested in the brand should quickly notice that the sales network is very well developed.

Products prepared by Trec are available in online stores.It is on the internet that you can expect the best price.If someone has a problem with mass building, he should think about using this conditioner. Thanks to it, we can work out better effects, such as increasing strength and muscle endurance. The best results can be obtained only after a slightly longer time when the product will be used regularly.