Make sure you always feel light

One of the least pleasant feelings is a feeling of heaviness – especially after filling a hard to digest the meal. If in addition it is accompanied by bloating – personal discomfort is almost guaranteed. However, the feeling of heaviness accompanies us not only after meals – it is also present every day when we are overweight (even slightly). The key to success – and so that you feel comfortable and lightly like a feather – is to develop two good habits for a light, but nutritious diet, as well as a large dose of physical activity. Easy diet and training will quickly make the feeling of heaviness and discomfort disappear.

An easily digestible diet as a way of body lightness

The way to enjoy the feeling of lightness every day is basically simple and easy to peel – the basis is a easily digestible diet. Avoid products that cause flatulence – fatty, fried meats, and eat in moderation products that cause increased gas production like radish or beans. Also, avoid carbonated drinks and alcohol.

Set aside sweets – a light fruit salad will be better. Avoid highly processed foods and fast foods – they contain a lot of empty calories and at the same time, their nutritional values are negligible. After such a meal, we will also quickly feel hungry again – it’s a vicious cycle.

If you want to get up in the morning with a feeling of lightness, take care especially of what you eat in the evening. A light dinner is essential – make sure that what lands on your plate in the evening is filling and easily digestible. Eat the last meal about 3 hours before bedtime – in the evening and at night the metabolism is significantly slowed down – so do not overload it with an excessive amount of work.

During the day, watch out for random snacks – they reduce hunger only for a while, and their uncontrolled consumption can provide up to 900 additional calories every day. So always have in your purse a cereal bar or a packet of nuts or dried fruits – they will perfectly kill your acute hunger while giving you a feeling of satiety that will last for a long time.

Light as a feather thanks to exercises

Use balloons for this purpose – with its use, you can do many easy exercises, which are also extremely effective. Due to the fact that the balloons are filled with air, which vibrates gently during exercise, training with their use becomes pure, relaxing pleasure. The basic principle of exercising with balloons is their pulsating and rhythmic pressure – in this way the air it is filled with makes it vibrate. These, in turn, spread to our body, which is a perfect, gentle massage. Colourful, thin balloons are not suitable for exercise – they are too delicate and prone to bursting. So choose balloons made of thick rubber, and also in a size such that you can freely embrace it with your hands. Also, do not inflate it too intensively – pump it enough to make it springy.

Balloon exercises can be selected and modified with a fairly large margin of freedom – the most important is not the pace or the number of repetitions, but the accuracy of the movements. Grab the balloon with your arms straight and stretched back. Lean forward gently, standing on legs slightly bent in the knees. Squeeze the balloon while raising and lowering your arms. Such exercise helps to strengthen the muscles of the back and arms. Repeat it several times.

Then insert the balloon between your knees, standing on slightly bent legs. Cross your arms over your back and then bend your right leg 90 degrees to your thigh. Try to stand on the toes of your left leg – this exercise trains your balance perfectly. You can also replace the balloon with a small training ball.