MagMAX B6 – accelerates the rate of muscle regeneration

Magnesium is a chemical element, its quantity in food has always been sufficient, so that even people who do not pay much attention to its supply have enough of it.Nowadays, however, there are such problems as a significant degree of food processing or increased fertilization of arable fields, which may cause the displacement of a mineral component such as magnesium, by potassium (cationic antagonism).Added to this are issues such as the use of various drugs and intense physical activity of training people.In this way, it turns out that the once common element is more and more often today a deficient component in the diet and should be supplemented.


  1. What symptoms can you eliminate MagMAX B6?
  2. Who should take MagMAX B6 prophylactically?
  3. Why does MagMAX B6 contain magnesium citrate?
  4. What are the vitamins in the MagMAX B6 supplement?
  5. How to take the MagMAX B6 supplement?

MagMax B6

  1. What symptoms can you eliminate MagMAX B6?

Magnesium is widely used in the body, so its deficiencies are associated with negative phenomena affecting virtually all systems in the human body.The greatest devastation of magnesium deficiency causes in the nervous system, leads to impaired transmission of nerve impulses, and in the cardiovascular system, can cause palpitations and disorders of its rhythm.

Typically, the most associated with magnesium deficiency are all the symptoms that directly affect muscle action.People with severe magnesium deficiencies usually have uncontrollable shaky eyelids.Often they also suffer from so-called restless legs syndrome, whichmanifests itself in unpleasant numbness and tingling of the lower limbs, described by patients as a feeling of specific foaming of blood in the veins.

Physical exercises help, just move around so that the symptom disappears temporarily, but unfortunately until the appropriate supplementation is implemented, which will level the magnesium in the body, the problem will probably return.

A very characteristic symptom of hypomagnesemia is also the appearance of strong calf contractions, but they can also occur in other parts of the legs, as well as in the upper limbs.Such a phenomenon may also appear in connection with intense training and often occurs in people who are very tired due to long physical effort, which significantly increases the body’s need for the element in question.In this situation, administration of the MagMAX B6 supplement can have a positive effect on the athlete.

Serious symptoms associated with magnesium deficiencies in the diet may also have a destructive impact on the sphere of social life and well-being. Irritable people very often can explain their nervousness with problems related to magnesium deficiency. These problems also cause greater vulnerability to mental fatigue and stress.It is worth noting that magnesium has a significant impact on cognitive functions.Normalizing the level of magnesium in the body can have a very positive effect on memory performance and the ability to associate and process facts.It is especially worth using magnesium preparations in case of prolonged stress and mental fatigue.


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  1. Who should take MagMAX B6 prophylactically?

Not all people will have such serious symptoms of magnesium deficiency.In the vast majority of cases, the lack of magnesium is manifested by unspecified headaches, problems with focusing or feeling of tiredness, which in practice means that in each person in different periods may appear symptoms of magnesium deficiency.This type of nutritional problem may affect each of us, although the group of risk is especially the people who train professionally.

Preventive intake of the MagMAX B6 dietary supplement should consider people who are elderly and are treated for diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.Treatment of these people most often means the need to take drugs that cause increased removal of magnesium from the body, so taking magnesium in the form of a supplement after consultation with a doctor is a very good idea.Demand for magnesium may also increase the use of contraceptives, so women who use them regularly should also use preparations such as MagMAX B6.

It is also a good idea to use MagMAX B6 by people starting a period of intense workouts, regardless of their purpose.This product is suitable both for people focused on building muscle mass, as well as for those who want to improve their performance and performance in sports.This applies even to people who simply want to lose weight or improve their figure before the holidays and the beach season, which has significantly increased their activity recently.

Magnesium supplementation should also be considered by people who often have diarrhea or feel nauseous, as well as people who, despite proper oral hygiene, have problems with caries.

  1. Why does MagMAX B6 contain magnesium citrate?

Magnesium citrate is a special magnesium salt, which is included in the MagMAX B6 diet supplement because it is a form much better absorbed by the human body than previously used in magnesium oxide dietary supplements.Magnesium citrate is very well absorbed.

  1. What are the vitamins in the MagMAX B6 supplement?

The vitamins contained in the supplement MagMAX B6 are aimed at athletes.Taking the MagMAX B6 supplement helps you train longer and more effectively, and to a lesser extent, feel the fatigue associated with training.It is also worth emphasizing that MagMAX B6 is able to effectively accelerate the rate of muscle recovery after training, which is crucial for training in the long-term.

  1. How to take the MagMAX B6 supplement?

Dietary supplement MagMAX B6 is a tablet that should be taken after a meal.If your doctor does not recommend another way to take the supplement, use one tablet daily after lunch.The second tablet of the day can be added after breakfast or after dinner, if you notice clear problems related to the lack of magnesium.Two tablets can also be used by people who train very intensively.Do not take more than 2 tablets a day.


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