Macaroons (cookies) – calories, price. Where can you buy macaroons?

Macaroons (macaroons) are very fashionable cookies that came to us from France. Colorful and sweet macaroons – between two fragile layers there is a delicious cream. How many calories do macaroon cakes have? Where can you buy them and what is their price?

    Macaroons are sweet cookies made from egg whites, ground almonds and sugar. Italian monks who started their production in the 8th or 11th century are considered to be pioneers in baking macaroons.

    In the following years, Italian monks traveled to France, where, along with confectioners Catherine de Medici, wife of King Henry II, they began to bake macaroons. Originally, egg white, sugar and almond powder were used to prepare cookies, and they were given the shape of flat cookies.

    Funfact: Macaron Day is celebrated on March 20!

    In the following years, the recipe was modified and coconut chips and potato starch were added to the cakes, and in the 20th century macaroons consisting of two cakes with cream between them became popular. Since then, macaroons have become famous and eagerly bought in France and around the world.

    Macaroons are eaten most often as a dessert. In France, which is the cradle of macaroons, they are served in tea rooms and cafes. it is also eaten for breakfast and is given as a gift for Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

    Macaroons (cookies) – composition

    The basis for the preparation of macaroons are egg whites, ground almonds and powdered sugar. Sometimes coconut shavings are added, instead of almonds other nuts (hazelnuts, walnuts, peanuts, pistachios) or pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds or oatmeal are used.

    In addition, macaroons are flavored with honey, vanilla, spices, dyes (giving different colors), butter, condensed milk, yeast, flour, chocolate, cocoa, dried fruit and even potatoes.

    And which one is your favourite?
    And which one is your favourite?

    Macaroons are baked at a low temperature in a mold or baking tray, often on edible paper. After baking, cookies may have a different texture, depending on the time and temperature of baking. There are short and soft macaroons on the market, layered with cream, sprinkled with powdered sugar, with icing or with icing.

    Macaroons also have their regional forms. In France, coconut macaroons are the most popular, while in the Dominican Republic dark ones with the addition of cinnamon and ginger. In Italy, however, two types of soft and crunchy macaroons are known.

    In Ireland, macaroons have the shape of chocolate-covered candy bars, while in England almond and coconut macaroons are known. Similarly in America, where the most famous macaroons include coconut macaroons, which are often topped with chocolate. Macaroons are also known to Jews who eat them during Easter.

    Macaroons (cookies) – are they healthy?

    Macaroons is a high-calorie product – 100 g of cookies provides 460 kcal. In addition, they contain significant amounts of fat and sugar. Sugar adversely affects health. Its excessive consumption increases the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes and tooth decay. In turn, macaroons with nuts are a potentially allergic product.

    It is true that macaroons contain valuable nutrients such as copper, phosphorus and iron, but in small quantities. Their advantage is that they contain small amounts of cholesterol and sodium.

    Macaroons consumed in large quantities negatively affect the functioning of the body. There are healthier alternatives to these biscuits with lower sugar content and prepared with organic ingredients.

    Dietary macaroons

    Macaroon cakes can be prepared in a healthier version by modifying the ingredients used to make them. It is worth reducing the amount of sugar added or replace it with honey.