Maca (Lepidium meyenii) – properties, benefits and dosage

Maca, or Lepidium meyenii is a herbaceous plant that comes from the Andes. Sometimes it is used to describe the phrase “Inca gold”, because it was folded centuries ago as a tribute for rulers as a gift more valuable than gold. The root, called hypocotyl, has been used for centuries as a therapeutic agent. Once it was an element of religious rites, and in Europe it was fed animals to strengthen them. The root itself is made up of 11% of protein, which is the most important building block of muscle. This protein is comparable to lentil, soy or bean protein, which is why it is an excellent source of this ingredient. In addition, in the root of the maca, we also find 4% fat, including the healthiest – unsaturated fatty acids. The Mac is also full of vitamins such as C, A, E and B vitamins. It also contains minerals, for example: copper, iron, calcium, zinc, potassium, sodium and manganese.  

Maca – properties

What primarily characterizes the maca root is the strengthening and energizing properties. Maca supplements help maintain the body’s balance and support its condition, as well as relieve stress and make it easier to deal with it. Interestingly, according to research, the root reduces depression.

Maca for thyroid

What else gives the use of maca root in the form of a supplement? Among other things, support for thyroid work. This gland is responsible for the proper course of metabolism, therefore it affects basically the functioning of the whole organism. Thyroid also regulates menstrual cycles and reduces stress levels. At the same time, it is the disorders in this gland that can cause acne, which is why maca root is also helpful in this problem. In addition, the catechins and vitamins E and C present in Maca’s have antioxidant properties, which means that they fight free radicals and thus prevent the destruction of cells.

Maca for libido and sex drive

Another advantage of the Peruvian cicada is the fact that it is a perfect aphrodisiac. Research confirms its effect on increasing libido. In addition, its use improves the quality of male sperm, increasing the amount of sperm produced and sperm motility. The effect on erection and the prevention of prostatic hypertrophy is also important. In women, it affects not only sex drive, but also the relaxation of menopause.

Maca and protein content

An important effect of the maca root is also the aforementioned high protein content. The supplement provides the body with all necessary proteins, including arginine. It affects the development of muscle mass, and arginine itself is one of the components of the semen. The composition of this plant also contains sterols, which confirm its action supporting muscle regeneration, because these compounds work on a similar principle as anabolic steroids.

Maca and osteoporosis

According to research, the maca root has properties preventing osteoporosis. Regular intake of the preparation causes a marked increase in bone mass. It works well in people who are exposed to bone defects and damage, including the elderly, women during menopause or athletes. It is also worth eating it to strengthen your immunity and get rid of fatigue, which is not only the effect of strengthening the body, but also a visible improvement of the skin tone, which occurs as a result of the systematic acceptance of the maca root. In addition, the preparation provides excellent protection for the skin and eyes from UV radiation, so it behaves like a natural cream with a filter. In addition, the root ingredients make the wounds heal much faster.

Maca as superfood

Powdered maca root has been qualified for superfoods, and thus to the category of natural food with a large amount of nutritional properties and a beneficial effect on the human body. An interesting fact is that NASA uses this specific for cosmonauts to provide them with a permanent source of all necessary micro and macro elements. As a superfood root, maca has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, improving concentration and making it easier to remember.

Maca benefits – summary

Maca root is a supplement that should be included in your diets, so that one preparation provides a number of benefits for the whole body. Health properties and the impact on the improvement of well-being and mental abilities make it better than most more complex, extensive dietary supplements.