Liver – how to support your center of detoxification?

The liver is a particularly important organ without which none of us would be able to function properly. We should look after her in a special way, because she remains very sensitive to all factors caused by man over the years. It turns out that 80% of the population in the case of protecting their liver is opting for supplementation and the results are very satisfactory. Patients very often tend to supplement various types of soothing and regenerating herbs, decoctions, capsules – and see the results! Surprisingly, knowledge about the spectacular action of supplements is passed down from generation to generation, although in their original form they had a completely different name and had a different structure than the one present. Why do we trust diet supplements? First of all, because they are not invasive, they remain completely safe, natural and nourishing for our body and mind – soothe, regenerate, help and strengthen.

Liver disease

As you know, in the modern world we are exposed to threats, diseases and discomfort from many fronts. Liver disease can be caused by many different causes and factors. The most common ones are: viruses, alcohol, venous thrombosis, toxic effects of drugs, autoimmune disorders of the liver, bile disorders, impaired venous blood drainage from the liver and many others. Also very often diagnosed diseases  directly lead to the occurrence of liver problems. Those are diseases associated with the gallbladder as well as those related to urinary tract (cholelithiasis most commonly).

Firstly you should focus on supporting your liver with healthier diet. Then reach for supplements!
Firstly you should focus on supporting your liver with healthier diet. Then reach for supplements!

Supplements for the liver support – what?


Problems associated with the digestion of foods may be caused by liver damage, which arise, for example, by food digestion itself it. Therefore, it is worth to supplement choline, which is responsible for the proper functioning of liver cells, as well as provides proper structure of the cell membrane of hepatocytes (these are the cells that make up the liver). Vitamin B4 also ensures good fat metabolism as well as the circulation of bile acids in the body.

Also other B vitamins (especially vitamin B12 and B6) will work great for the liver. The soothing and protective properties for the liver are also shown by phospholipids, which are mainly used as an additive to soy preparations.

Milk thistle

When it comes to liver supplements, it’s also great to test also milk thistle in this role. A plant that comes from Mediterranean countries, but its roots can also be found in Poland.

Milk thistle remains a cultivated plant, but we can also meet it growing wild in fields and meadows. It contains a healing, soothing, revitalizing substance – silymarin, which is characterized by: protective effect on liver cells, bile-forming, choleretic and cleansing effects.

Artichoke in the kitchen and as a supplement

In addition, the natural supplement, which is common artichoke, is also worth taking to the liver. This is a vegetable that we often use in the kitchen every day. It neutralizes free radicals, bacteria, fungi, and aerobic viruses, which are responsible for unfavorable and harmful changes in hepatocytes – this supplement purifies, soothes and regenerates liver.

Stinging nettle

Nettle is also very beneficial for liver function. This herb is responsible for regeneration, but also makes its work more efficient and productive. Nettle helps to maintain the proper cholesterol level in the body.

Supplements – important information

Remember that daily supplementation not only allows us to function in an active, healthy and safe way, but above all, secures our future. Thanks to it, our internal organs, skin, bones, joints – function properly, are nourished, regenerated, prepared for further challenges. As for the liver, the matter is a bit more complicated, because supplements alone are not enough. We must first provide them with adequate nutrition and good hydration – this is the basis. We must eat rationally, regularly and healthy, without artificial colors, preservatives and fats, which are contained in fast-food dishes, in snacks (chips, sticks, etc.). All this has a direct impact on how we feel, how our body functions and functions. Try to live a healthy life, regularly using dietary supplements, and you will see how quickly you will be able to achieve spectacular results.