Leucine increases the synthesis of muscle proteins in the elderly

In the Irene Fleur Kramer et al.1 study, 15 healthy (aged 69 ± 1 years) and 15 men with sarcopenia (aged 81 ± 1 years) participated. They were given a supplement containing proteins of whey protein enriched with leucine, a total of 21 g of protein, 9 g of carbohydrates and 3 g of fat. Blood and muscle samples were collected and isotope labeled. 

In addition to the muscle protein synthesis, grip strength, muscle mass and walking speed were measured (the effect of supplementation on age-related wasting, sarcopenia was evaluated). Sarcopenia (sarcopenia) Latin skeletal muscle with associated muscle weakness or reduced physical fitness.


Men with age-related decrease in skeletal muscle mass with co-occurring muscle weakness react as well as healthy to leucine-enriched whey protein. 


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