Lemon Diet – principles, recipe, diet, side effects

Lemon has arrived in Europe from China. It has been appreciated for its disinfecting effect, improving mineral bioavailability, strengthening of blood vessels and soothing indigestion.

What we can find in lemon

Lemon in 92% consists of water. It is a source of many vitamins and microelements. It provides zinc, potassium, vitamin C and B vitamins. Thanks to phytoncides it has antimicrobial properties and strengthens the immune system. Essential oil extruded from fresh lemons further enhances the antibacterial effect, supporting the body during illness and colds.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice also contains a large number of polyphenols (such as rutin, quercetin) and citric acid, which have an antioxidant effect – they combat free radicals that accelerate the ageing process and improve the elasticity of blood vessels, which directly reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Lemon Diet – principles

The basis of the lemon diet is good quality, fresh lemons with a thin peel. Lemon detox is short-lived and can be made in two versions, depending on needs

Prophylactic lemon juice treatment – lasts 10 days and is carried out as a lemonade diet during a decrease in the body’s immunity and an increased incidence of influenza. From 1 to 5 days of lemon detox the amount of juice drunk is increased from 1 to 5 squeezed lemons per day. Then the amount of juice from 5 lemons (day 6) is reduced to juice from 1 lemon (day 10).

Healing treatment with lemon juice – lasts 12 days and is used as a lemon therapy, e.g. in the course of urinary tract or rheumatism. Its assumption is to drink juice from 200 lemons, also gradually increasing the daily amount of juice (from 5 lemons of day 1 to 25 lemons of day 5).

The lemon diet leaves the menu unchanged, as its author does not assume giving up the current diet. Therefore, it is not a demanding cleansing diet and should not be treated as a slimming diet. The only prerequisite for proper cleansing of the body from lemon toxins is to drink the juice from it several times a day, maintaining a 30-minute interval between next portions of juice.

Benefits of lemon
Benefits of lemon

Lemon treatment – why to use it?

Drinking lemon juice has a cleansing effect on the body. It improves kidney function and increases urine production, thanks to which toxins and unnecessary metabolites are more efficiently removed from the body.

The effect of a lemon diet is the production of amine-cyrrhizic acid, which, according to the author of this method of body deacidification, supports the excretion of excess uric acid. Therefore, it is called lemon treatment for joints recommended for patients with rheumatism. But it can also be beneficial in a fight with gallstones and kidney stones and as the support in course of some liver diseases.

Lemon therapy can also be used in the case of reduced immunity, rhinitis and frequent upper respiratory tract infections.

In addition, drinking lemon water helps to even out the skin tone, and can also be used for an anti-acne treatment.

Lemon Diet – plan

The plan for the lemon treatment is not very complex. The basic ingredient of the diet is the juice of freshly matured lemon, which has a thin skin. Before squeezing the juice, the lemons should be washed thoroughly and preferably scalded with boiling water. It is important to remember that the juice should be prepared on an ongoing basis and drunk always fresh – vitamin C is light-sensitive and quickly degrades to inactive forms.

Lemon treatment – side effects

Does the lemon treatment have any side effects? Unpleasant symptoms from the gastrointestinal tract may occur during the lemon detox. The most common are nausea and heartburn especially in people with a sensitive stomach and reflux.

Opinions about this treatment are divided among physicians. Such large amounts of lemon juice can be dangerous for some people, so you should seek individual medical advice before taking a lemon diet.

There are also questions about how much weight can be lost on a lemon diet? The basic principle of a weight-loss diet is a negative energy balance. Exclusive use of lemon juice for weight loss without changing eating habits will not give the desired results in the form of losing excessive weight.