Lack of willingness to continue working on the figure?

It happens that despite the huge effort, commitment and dedication, the achieved results are not fully satisfying for us. Therefore, further activities aimed at improving the aesthetics of the figure are in doubt. Not only that, returning to old eating habits and sitting-lying lifestyle seems extremely tempting at the moment. How to deal with times of doubt and mobilize for further action? 

Many people are extremely skeptical about their own body and the progress achieved. We know that we would like to achieve as much as possible in the shortest possible time. Meanwhile, physiology can not be deceived, just as many years of negligence can not be overcome in a few weeks of intense self-care. Therefore, in moments of doubt one should concentrate on what has been achieved so far – even if these are not spectacular effects, one must remember that they are a step in the right direction. It is worth doing a small examination of conscience – think about what could have contributed to slowing down the effects, what would be good to change, what mistakes we made and what modifications the situation requires. Interestingly, it’s easy to remember an unplanned cake or a candy bar, but with a lot of stress, negative emotions, a strong sense of guilt or shame, or emotions that hardly work on the figure, almost no one bothers. This is a serious oversight, which is definitely worth working on. 

Pitying in loneliness over your hard and sad fate is a misconception that usually contributes to the deepening of the existing problem. In solitude, not enough to celebrate our own unhappiness, we often sweeten our lives with poor quality food. Lack of further willingness to act, stagnation and a sense of failure is the moment when it is worth looking for support – both among relatives who care about our happiness, as well as among specialists and people with similar experiences or struggling with similar problems. The very presence of supporters positively influences morale and helps change the attitude


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