L-tyrosine – strength and endurance

L-tyrosine is an endogenous amino acid, produced naturally by our body. In some situations the amount produced may be insufficient and additional supplementation in the diet or dietary supplements is required. L-tyrosine has a positive effect on the body, as I write below.

  1. What is tyrosine?
  2. Who should use?
  3. Tyrosine – action
  4. How do I dose L-tyrosine?


  1. What is tyrosine?

L-tyrosine is one of 22 amino acids that build muscle proteins.

In our body, it acts as a precursor in the synthesis of dopamine, adrenaline and noradrenaline neurotransmitters. It shows a positive effect during increased efforts and in states of exhaustion. L-tyrosine belongs to endogenous compounds, i.e. those that are produced in the human system. However, to make it possible, our body must have the right amount of another amino acid – phenylalanine. It is considered an essential amino acid.



  1. Who should use?

The positive effects of tyrosine will be felt in particular by people who train hard, athletes, obese people, but also people who regularly use solariums. In addition, its use is particularly recommended for people who need to strengthen their body, and also want to effectively fight the emerging fatigue and stress.

A sign of low tyrosine level may be hormonal changes (hypothyroidism), depressed mood, more difficult information and other psychological changes. Tyrosine supplementation is forbidden for people with too high levels of dopamine. It can not be used by people with melanoma.


  1. Tyrosine – action

Tyrosine has many beneficial effects

– removes physical and mental fatigue resulting from prolonged, intense physical effort thanks to maintaining the optimal concentration of neurotransmitters;

– increases and improves the ability to concentrate with an increased load in school and work, during a reduction diet and in states of general exhaustion of the body;

– supports the brain and increases resistance to stress;

reduces appetite.

In addition, this amino acid stimulates the production of melanin, which facilitates tanning and protects the skin against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.


  1. How do I dose L-tyrosine?

Tyrosine is currently available in the form of capsules, powder or tablets. Although the doses are not precisely specified, it is assumed that the portions

0.5 to 2 g are safe, but at the same time may be too small for effective operation. It is customary to use from 100 to 150 mg of the preparation for every kilogram of body weight. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that tyrosine supplementation in doses above 10 g may be too strong in action. Therefore, it is important that the dose is adjusted individually to current needs and weight.