Krill oil stimulates anabolism

The use of omega 3 sources in the athlete’s diet is usually associated with the pro-health activity of fatty acids, which brings a number of benefits, includingfor the cardiovascular system.However, recent research shows that you can also get muscle thanks to krill oil.


The study was attended by 18 students who have a 3-year training experience.They received an identical training plan that they had to perform for 8 weeks.Half of the students received an additional 3 g of krill oil while the other half received a placebo.

Students received a product that had 1.3 g phospholipids, 963 mg omega 3 (240 mg DHA, 383 EPA).A 3 g portion of krill oil also contained 0.54 mg astaxanthin.

Neptune Krill Oil


People supporting their training with krill oil built 1.4 kg of lean body mass, placebo group in turn 0.3 kg.What’s more, participants using krill oil lost more fat and built up more muscle strength, but these differences were not statistically significant.


Researchers looking at research in muscle cell tubes found that phosphatidyl choline from krill oil stimulated mTOR activity.This means that the use of oil activated metabolic pathways supporting protein synthesis similar to leucine.


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