Knee pain – how to deal with it?

What do we associate with pain? We can clearly say that with something very unpleasant, hindering everyday functioning, causing discomfort and malaise. Regardless of your age, gender or immunity level – none of us likes pain and everyone wants to get rid of it as soon as possible. Nevertheless, the types of pains differ from each other, they have different locations and degrees of severity. Definitely one of the worst   is knee pain, which is the center of our movement. Pain in the knee is a matter, above all extremely troublesome, interfering with the performance of all daily activities. Not to mention that it hinders and sometimes even prevents walking. What symptoms may accompany this? What are the most common causes of this type of discomfort? How to deal with them and how to protect them effectively?  

How to deal with knee pain?

Dietary supplements are a decisive hit, not only in improving the technical condition of organs, apparatus and internal organs – but also all types of contractions and pains. The supplements soothes and regenerates, inhibits catabolic processes, removes bacteria, viruses, fungi and free radicals, supports changes and processes, strengthens the immune system, builds, as well as secures bone, joint and muscle structures. Most importantly – they complement the deficiencies. In addition to regular supplementation, you should also take care of a healthy and rational diet, as well as the appropriate dose of physical activity tailored to the needs of the body. In the case of knee pain – dietary supplements can be quite beneficial, for many reasons.

Anatomy of knee joint
Anatomy of knee joint

What causes knee pain?

It is, however, worth considering the source of pain before moving on to specific products worth our attention. It may arise with progressive inflammation. Then, in fact, we feel pain in our knees, so-called swelling, redness, as well as a situation when we begin to get feverish. Inflammation can cause inflammation of the bursa, these are small bags located at the very end of the bones. These bags contain space between bones and muscles, tendons as well as the skin. Their task is to scrupulously separate the bones from each other, so that unpleasant and extremely painful friction does not appear. Inflammation is also a result of overloading of the joints, their excessive use (lifting heavy objects, too intensive training, lack of technique, obesity and many others).

What should be supplemented for healthy knees?

There is no doubt that our knees are very much needed on a daily basis in principle for everything. Therefore, it is worth taking care to quickly remove the pain within them or never to let it happen. The first substance that is really worth taking is glutamine supplementation. In addition, organic sulfur, chondroitin, collagen, and tran oil, as well as hyaluronic acid, are very important for joints and knees.


When it comes to collagen, as it turns out, it does not act savingly only and only on a smooth and refreshed complexion, but above all affects the knees and joints, their structure and functioning. Shortages of this substance may result in the occurrence of accelerated effects of aging of the body (wrinkles, slackness of the skin, destabilization of the efficiency of joints, knees). Collagen has a very multidimensional structure, differing depending on its location. Specifically in the knees, joints – we meet type II collagen.

Omega 3 fatty acids

Additionally, in the supplementation for knee pain, omega 3 preparations are extremely useful, the most valuable one is obtained from cod liver. His regular supplementation minimizes pain in the knees, as well as inhibits all processes of destruction of joint and knee tissue.

Hyaluronic acid

In turn, hyaluronic acid improves synovial joints (especially knee joints, hip joints, and temporo-mandibular joints). Thanks to the fact that the above-mentioned substances have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, we can limit the intake of harmful pharmaceuticals that are harmful to our body, which in the long-term addictive. Of course, as mentioned above – supplementation alone is not enough, although it plays a key role. It is very important what we eat and how we move every day, let’s remember first of all about the proper technique of doing exercises, it is because of its lack we are exposed to overloads, injuries, cramps and pain.

How to deal with knee pain – summary

Everyday caring for yourself, for your body and well-being means that we ourselves have much more energy to do, to realize ourselves. In addition, it should be noted that maintaining the correct weight, avoiding sedentary lifestyle, daily walks, appropriate footwear, as well as good hydration – work wonders, they are a remedy for all evil. Dietary supplements are an invention of modernity that has permanently conquered hearts, not only athletes, but also people who are aware of their physicality, how their body develops and functions.