Isoleucine supports slimming

BCAA is a dietary supplement that has fairly broad support for the body.Usually we use branched chain amino acids to protect muscle tissue against catabolism, and help regenerate during periods of hard training, pre-start periods or using a large training volume.However, it turns out that BCAA, while writing in detail isoleucine, also supports the reduction effect.

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Japanese studies are based on mice that have undergone overeating for 6 weeks, which resulted in a significant increase in body fat.In the 4th week of overeating, isoleucine was added to drinking water, raising its concentration to 2.5% of the water content.


The addition of isoleucine to the high-fat diet of mice meant that they reduced the increase in body fat, and gained muscle mass.What’s more, the volume of fatty acids in muscles and liver has decreased, which indicates their use for energy purposes.



More PPAR in muscles and liver are more fatty acids used for energy needs, and thus an increased slimming rate.

Isoleucine is a good choice in the context of reducing body fat, as it supports the activation of metabolic pathways, which aim to intensify the use of fats in the energy process.This means that not only the use of BCAA during the reduction protects the muscles, but also helps the body to use what we care about, i.e. unnecessary fat.

The recommended doses per athlete should be between 10 and 20 g before exercise.


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