Is training alone enough to get rid of excess fat?

Properly directed physical activity is undoubtedly an important element of work on the figure. Regular strength and aerobic sessions not only increase energy expenditure, but also positively influence the activity of hormones participating in the regulation of the body’s energy economy and stimulate the development of energy-consuming muscle tissue. But are the trainings themselves enough to get rid of excess fat and shape your figure or do you still need a diet? 

Let’s be honest, every one of us probably knows someone who is completely unhelpful about the issue of nutrition, eating hot dogs, casseroles, kebabs, he drinks a few beers at the weekend, but at the same time he trains intensively and has an impressive figure. However, is this proof that the role of the diet is overrated? Can one think that there is nothing to bother with what is on our plate, just to intensively practice and record satisfactory results? The answer is one NO! 

Just as the fact that there are people who smoke for 40 years and do not suffer from cancer or heart disease does not mean that smoking is safe, just as the fact that individuals who manage to achieve some effect with a hopeless diet, do not proves that what we eat does not affect the effectiveness of training. And there is no doubt about it. If you think otherwise, life will sooner or later verify your views. 

There are studies involving physically active people running in marathons, which show that regular physical activity leads to a progressive increase in weight and deterioration in body composition. The number of kilometers traveled is not very important here, i.e. people who run more are not slimmer at all. These examples show that the role of aerobic exercise in degreasing the silhouette is overestimating, at least when it is not accompanied by training with load and appropriate nutritional treatments. 

Our body has a tendency to compensate for energy losses. This means that the increased effort, which intensifies the burning of calories, also causes that after its end we are more hungry and eat more. Of course, it can be remedied by the appropriate qualitative selection of foods, that is – straightforwardly speaking – the key is the diet 


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