Is it worth drinking water with lemon?

Drinking water with lemon fasting is a way for many people to start the day. Water with lemon is attributed to numerous health properties. We verify which of them are justified in scientific research, and which are only repeated myths.

Water with lemon for the breakfast

Starting the day with a glass of water with lemon is always a current trend in the field of health and nutrition. In winter, we pay more attention to the content of vitamin C and protection against colds, in the summer on hydration and refreshing the body. Drinking water with lemon has many benefits. Some of them are confirmed by scientific reports, others – the experience of many people using this drink in the morning. There are many myths about drinking lemon water. We verify popular information and check if it is worth drinking water with lemon.

Benefits of lemon
Benefits of lemon

Lemon water – how to prepare?

Preparation of water with lemon is very easy. Just squeeze the lemon juice into a glass of water and stir. Sour lovers can squeeze more. Various types of additions are allowed, e.g. honey, mint, cinnamon or ginger. The dispute over the ideal temperature of lemon water has not been resolved. There are both supporters of drinking a cold and a warm drink. Probably, however, the water temperature has no noticeable effect on the properties of the drink.

Lemon water – when to drink?

It is recommended to drink water with lemon in the morning, preferably just after waking up, about half an hour before the first meal. To notice a beneficial effect on the body, it must be reached regularly for at least two weeks. A glass of water with lemon provides only 9 kcal and covers the body’s need for vitamin C in 25%. It’s a tasty drink and an alternative to clean water.

Myths about drinking lemon water

Water with lemon is attributed to many health benefits. However, some of them are myths that do not find any confirmation.

MYTH 1. Lemon water helps you lose weight thanks to the presence of soluble fibre (pectin), which ensures a feeling of satiety.

Fibre does have such an effect, but lemon juice has traces of it. The most fibre is found in the peel and white lemon membranes.

MYTH 2. Drinking water with lemon raises the IQ

Better memory and focus are the result of proper hydration of the brain due to drinking water, not necessarily with lemon. The drink itself cannot improve intelligence.

MYTH 3. Thanks to its alkalizing effect, lemon water helps fight cancer

This myth arises from the statement that cancer cells cannot grow in an alkaline environment. However, it turns out that even though the cancer prefers an acidic environment, it can also grow in an alkaline one. It also demonstrates the ability to acidify the space around it.