Is gluten harmful?

Fashion for gluten – the gluten-free diet has recently dominated our country. What’s worse, however, it is used not only by those who really need it but also voices that a gluten-free diet can help to lose unnecessary kilograms. It is also so eagerly used by celebrities from the world of show – business around the world.

    Specialists say!

    However, specialists are divided on this issue. Some say that gluten is a real, deadly bomb that everyone should beware of. Others argue that the complete exclusion of gluten may also be detrimental to the body. To take a closer look at this issue, we decided to show all the pros and cons of gluten.

    Why are you judging gluten?

    According to many opponents of gluten, this may cause anaemia, and this is primarily due to blocking the absorption of many nutrients ​​needed for the body, including iron, calcium, or vitamin C. Among others, it weakens our immune system, leading not only to susceptibility to numerous infections but also different types of cancer. Excessive consumption of gluten can cause numerous inflammations with which you can contend even for years, in this especially inflammation of the small intestine is taken into account, whereas we know well – this organ regulates the work of our entire body. It can cause brain damage – it’s another of its disadvantages. In addition, gluten affects the appearance of our skin.

    In short, according to many specialists – the less gluten, the longer the life.

    This is what opponents think, and more specifically sceptics of a gluten-free diet. What’s more, they believe that both the diet itself and the poorly carried out can lead to deficiencies of vitamins and mineral salts necessary for the body. According to them, it would be much healthier to simply discontinue products containing unnecessary fats, sugars or carbohydrates, i.e. all kinds of fast food, sweets, sweet and salty snacks, sweet drinks or spicy dishes.

    Thanks to gluten-free trend on the market you don't have to resign from your favourite food! You ca easily find gluten-free version of those.
    Thanks to gluten-free trend on the market you don’t have to resign from your favourite food! You ca easily find gluten-free version of those.

    So, what I have to do eat, to not eat gluten?

    As it turns out, there are very few products that do not contain any gluten in their natural form. Therefore, the product stores without this ingredient are specially marked. Because gluten is designed to provide a certain consistency to dishes, it often appears in products such as cold meats, sauces, yoghurts, ice cream, drinks, powdered soups, or dried fruit.

    And what about alcohol? Here, it is worth avoiding primarily beers and so-called ‘colourful drinks’. Alcohol, in pure form (and small amount!), Is not harmful to people allergic to gluten.