Intervals can raise TESTOSTERON!

What is interval training? In the simplest terms – it is alternating work with high and low intensity (or instead of active rest in the low zone we use passive). In the high intensity zone – we enter the range of the heart rate 85-100%, and rest in the low intensity zone (60-70% of the maximum heart rate). So, for example, we run at a speed of 20-30 km / h for 15-30 seconds, and rest for 15-45 seconds running slowly 10-14 km / h. We repeat this protocol 10-30 times. In any case, the working time (eg sprint, jumps on the chest or squats with a barbell) and rest is selected individually. This method involves practicing incomplete regeneration of the body (short breaks!). 

Attention is a classic model of training in the anaerobic zone with rest in the aerobic zone. There are also intervals running only in the aerobic zone (low intensity) and variants – where the rest is static (passive, for example, instead of jogging – rest after stopping). 


Interval (high intensity) can occur under names 

and many others. They differ in proportions, effects, procedures used. When someone tells you about intervals, without specifying parameters – this word means nothing. Similarly, strength training can have several dozen completely different forms. 

From many scientific studies you can draw some basic conclusions. 


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