Initial muscle fatigue? Is it working?

Initial muscle fatigue is a method of increasing the intensity of training, intended for at least intermediate-level ones. It consists in practicing a selected part in an isolated way (eg on a machine) – just before the main battle, e.g. a multi-joint exercise. \ NExample? Inverted rows before pulling up on the stick, straightening the legs before squats, raising in front and side before pressing the barbell, on shoulders, standing. This is to result in greater mass gains or a deeper exercise of muscles. 


Initial muscle fatigue was based, among others, on 6 times Mr Olympia Dorian YATES. For example, in back training he used transferring dumbbells in a lying position as an isolated exercise, then pulling the lift rod to the cage, rowing with dumbbell bar, rowing the machine with a wide grip and deadlift. Moving and removing the extraction bar can be considered as initial muscle fatigue. In a broader perspective, if we treat a deadlift as the most important battle – all other exercises can be the initial fatigue. 

In the training of lower limbs he performed, for example, straightening legs while sitting, squeezing his legs on the crane, hack squats. In the part devoted to the muscles of the quadriceps, straightening the legs is an initial fatigue, while the basic series is the squeezing of the legs on the crane. In the part attacking the back of the thigh, bending legs was used as a preliminary fatigue, while the basic session was a deadlift on straight legs.


When does initial muscular fatigue not be a good solution? 

Certainly, they should not reach for the initial beginner fatigue – by impoverishment of glycogen, phosphocreatine, ATP, nervous system (motoneuron) – initial fatigue may increase the risk of injury during multi-joints. In addition, such people who make their first steps do not have to reach for sophisticated training tools. It is enough for such a player to apply 2-3 base exercises for thighs (squats, leg squeezing, deadlift on straight legs), 1-2 exercises for the chest (bench press in different settings), 2-3 back exercises (rod, rowing), 1-2 exercises of triceps, biceps and triceps. Do not look for wonderful shortcuts, they do not exist. 



Does initial muscular fatigue work? 

At the end, a note of confusion – in one study, it was not shown that anything fatigued anything initially! 

Seventeen healthy men performed 1 series of leg squeezing with initial fatigue (used in the role of straightening the legs while sitting) and without this technique. We used the weight with which men could do 10 repetitions (10 RM). 

Muscle work through EMG was analyzed 


Proposal? Initial muscle fatigue results in a decrease in performance in the main battle, without any benefits in terms of greater muscle activation. The same results were obtained by extensive research from 2014. 2. 39 trained people (9 men, 30 women) completed 12-week training in 3 groups 

There were no differences between the groups in terms of strength gain in bench pressing, leg extrusion, pulling the extract bar, or when it comes to the body composition (circuits). These and other research results pose a big question mark before applying the technique of initial muscle fatigue in bodybuilding training. 


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